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The person who is not patient cannot eat well-cooked dishes. -African Proverb

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Lessons from Nature African Proverbs

Different cultures have different ways of communicating, some of by dance, music, visual art and dramatic arts. Much of the language and thought of the world, especially Africa are expressed in proverbs.

You do not kill a honey bird.
Meaning ~ Do not reject or despise a person who is helping you.

Lessons from Nature African Proverbs
Lessons from Nature African Proverbs
You should cross a stream before the floods come.
Meaning ~ Start solving a problem before it gets worse.

Days always change.
Meaning ~ Life cannot be consistent. There are difficulties in life.

A sparrow is never small around its eggs.
Meaning ~ Sparrows are small birds but when it wants to protect its eggs, it becomes enraged.

The first cow drinks clean water.
Meaning ~People who start out early usually succeed.

A hyena never forgets where he ate a bone.
Meaning ~ People normally seek help from someone who assisted them in the past.

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