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Water, Elephant and Turtle Short African Fable Story

Why Turtles love rain and live in water is a truly captivating African folktale. African folktales are stories forming part of an oral storytelling tradition shaped by the tongues of African elders passed down from one generation to the next. Water, Elephant and Turtle Short African Story Two superpowers, Elephant and Rain had a dispute. Elephant said, “If you say that you nourish me, in what way is it that you do so?” Rain answered, "If you say that I do not nourish you when I go away, will you not die?” Hurt, Rain then left. Elephant said, "Vulture! Go tell Rain to make rain for me." Vulture said, “I will not." Then Elephant said to Crow, “Go tell Rain to make rain for me !” who answered, “Give the things and I will ask." Crow summoned Rain and rain fell. It rained at the lagoons, but they dried up, and only one lagoon remained. Elephant needed to find food; he summoned Turtle to watch over the only remaining watering hole. Elephant said, &