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South African Lamb Bobotie Recipe

South African Lamb Bobotie Recipe Lamb Meatloaf Recipe South African Healthy Ground Lamb Meatloaf Bobotie Recipe Explore and Understand Africa Through Her Food and Culture 12-9-2012 South African Lamb Bobotie Recipe By Chic African Culture African food recipe Lamb bobotie contains healthy low-fat ground lamb, apricot jam, bananas, apples, curry powder, onions and tomatoes. Serve lamb bobotie with yellow rice and fresh vegetables. South African Healthy Ground Lamb Meatloaf Bobotie Recipe Serves 8 African food Total time from start to finish 1.5 hours Ingredients 2 pounds ground lamb 2 medium onions finely chopped 2 large tomatoes finely chopped 2 tablespoons white vinegar 2 large eggs 1 tablespoon apricot jam 1/2 banana sliced 1 large apple finely chopped 2 tablespoons curry powder 2 tablespoons minced garlic 1 1/2 teaspoon sugar Salt to taste Directions Brown lamb lightly and drain off excess

Liberian rice bread recipe is traditional bread from Liberia

Rice bread Liberian rice bread recipe is traditional bread from Liberia Africa Explore and Understand Africa Through Her Food and Culture By Chic African Culture African food recipe Liberian rice bread recipe is time honored Liberian bread baked by households across the country. Rice bread recipe Serves 4 African food Total time from start to finish 50 minutes Ingredients 2 cups rice flour 3 mashed very ripe yellow plantains or very ripe bananas Liberian rice bread 1 cup whole milk 2 large eggs ¼ cup granulated sugar ½ teaspoon nutmeg ½ teaspoon ginger ½ teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon baking soda ½ cup vegetable oil Directions Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a large mixing bowl add all ingredients and stir until thoroughly blended. Bake in a well-greased loaf pan for about 40 minutes. Liberia is Africa's oldest republic. Rice is eaten as breakfast, lunch and dinner in most Liberian households. More economical easy

Super Easy Banana Fritters

Bananas have a long history in Africa, where they are an essential staple food for many people. Bananas make fritters, bread, chips, ketchup, beer, wine, vinegar, flour, oil, and more. The arrival of bananas in Africa is around the sixth century AD, when they were brought by Muslim traders from South Asia and the Middle East. Bananas spread along trade routes from eastern to western Africa and were carried by Islamists who occupied parts of Madagascar. Bananas have different names and varieties in different regions of Africa, and they are used for both cooking and dessert.  One name for bananas in West Africa is matoke, which refers to a specific group of starchy bananas known as East African Highland bananas. These bananas are usually cooked and mashed into a meal, and are considered a staple food in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, and other countries in the region. Bananas are also known by other names in West Africa, such as amatooke in Buganda, ekitookye in southwestern Uganda, ekitooke

Zambia Sesame Seed Sauce

If you're looking for a way to spice up your snacks and meals, look no further than Zambian sesame seed sauce.  Have you ever tried Zambia sesame seed sauce? If not, you're missing out on a delicious and nutritious treat! Zambia sesame seed sauce is a thick paste similar in texture to peanut butter but made from sesame seeds. It's rich in protein, calcium, iron, and healthy fats.  You can use it as a dip for bread, crackers, fruits, or vegetables, or as a spread for sandwiches, wraps, or burgers. It's also great for making sauces, dressings, and marinades. In this blog post, I'll show you how to make your own Zambia sesame seed sauce at home with just a few simple ingredients and steps. Trust me, once you taste it, you'll never go back to store-bought peanut butter again!  Zambian sesame seed sauce is an easy African food recipe for a dip used for fritters and slices of bread and as a sauce for poultry. It has a nutty and slightly spicy flavor that will make you

Five African countries with the least access to safe water

Somalia, Ethiopia, Madagascar, DRC, Mozambique top five African countries with least access to safe water from chemical and microbial contaminants. Many countries on this list who suffer from lack of access to clean and or improved safe drinking water are suffering from poor governance, protracted internal conflict, underdevelopment, economic decline, poverty, social and gender inequality, and environmental degradation. Water systems in Africa that have ground water and surface water sources may be susceptible to fecal contamination. In many cases, fecal contamination can contain disease causing pathogens such as Legionella, Giardia lamblia, and Cryptosporidium.. African Country Percent Without Clean Drinking Water Population Somalia 68% 11,259,029 Ethiopia 54% 108,386,391 Madagascar 53% 25,683,610 Dem. Rep of Congo 48%

Brief History of Chad and the war on terror

Brief History of Chad and the war on terror Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham and Boko Haram in Chad over the past decade has killed an estimated 30,000 people. Chad suffered three decades of civil warfare The Republic of Chad is 495,800 sq miles or 317 million acres in area with a little less than 2 people living per mile, its Capital is N'Djamena and is largely semi-desert country rich in gold and uranium. The Republic of Chad is located in Central Africa and is Africa's fifth-largest nation with a population of 12.4 million. During a ten year span from 1883 - 1893, Sudanese Rabih al-Zubayr conquers the African kingdoms of Ouadai, Baguirmi and Kanem-Bornu were located in present day Chad. A gradual process of introducing Islam into Chad took place in the 16th and 17th centuries during the kingdoms of the Bagirmi and Ouaddai. In the 1880s, Chad was conquered by the Sudanese warlord Rabih al-Zubair. Chad was first defined as a nation

Light Sweet Delicious Stuffed Date

North African Simple Almond Stuffed Dates Make light sweet delicious two ingredient stuffed dates as an appetizer or dessert. This date nut recipe is so easy kids can create this tasty date recipe dish on their own.   Two Ingredient Almond Stuffed Dates Ingredients 20 pitted dates 20 whole almonds Directions Open date, place nuts in the center of each date and close. Serve as a healthy appetizer at your next gathering. Did you know? Dates may be stuffed with many different fillings such as walnuts, fruits, and Bree and goat cheese or simply drizzled with white chocolate. More easy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes to make right now so you never have to eat or prepare a boring meal again. Curried Tanzanian Coconut Okra Recipe Ethiopian Scrambled Egg Breakfast Senegalese Chicken Vermicelli Chadian Steamed Honey Cassava Buns Nigerian Breakfast Fried Akara and Ogi

Ten Democratic Republic of Congo African Proverbs

All company is not good company.  Ten African Proverbs from the 12th largest country in the world, the Democratic Republic of Congo. Intelligence is like fire, people take it from others. The basket that was used to carry a gift to a neighbor will bring back another gift. The person who pursues two things will miss all of them. After her house was burned down a Congolese woman clears land for a new home. A small mistake can bring great damage. The less important person is the one bringing many problems. She prepares a good meal, but the husband says there is too much salt. The rain said I have warned you through lighting to mend your homes. Unity finished the greatness of the forest. People love you when you succeed but when you are poor you smell bad. Girls face the same issues that women face.  More War Democratic Republic of Congo African Proverbs The Congolese people of the Democratic Republic of Congo have endured decade

Tuareg Music, Desert Political Guitar Rock

Omara “Bombino” Moctar and Tinariwen Tuareg desert musical political rock replace guns for guitars.   The Tuareg are nomadic tribesmen in the Sahara and Sahel regions of Sub-Saharan Africa. Tuareg is descended from nomadic people who have walked the desert dunes for a millennium.  Along with fighting the dry harsh climate of the desert , the Tuareg have also been battling for their independence in Niger and Mali. Two Tuareg musicians Omara “Bombino” Moctar and Tinariwen are major influences on the desert political guitar rock culture. Nigerien musician Omara “Bombino” Moctar is a globally celebrated Tuareg guitarist and singer-songwriter from the Ifoghas tribe Agadez, Niger. His songs are sung in the Tuareg language of Tamashek musically expressing issues concerning the Tuareg people.   "With music, we can have dialogue," says Bombino, who lists Malian guitarist Ali Farka Toure and Jimi Hendrix as major influences on him. "We can talk openly and explain ourselves with

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