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You are not alone African proverb

African Proverb lesson.   African proverb meaning is no one is truly alone; everybody needs somebody to rely on. We never do things in our own strength alone, the knowledge came from our ancestors and our family and friends and mentors still with us here on earth.  Because of this we stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us we stand on the shoulders of those who have pave the way for our lives today. We pay homage to the Known and unknown ancestors brilliance and sacrifice. More African proverb lessons from the ancestors about never truly being alone. A climbing plant with tendrils cannot grow on its own without the support of a tree. One hand alone cannot wash the body. A man with a cough cannot conceal himself. Ashes always fly back in the face of him who throws them. One should either become a pillar or lean against one. If generously shared, a flea can be bitten twice. The head that touches the ground a birth, will not fail to touch the ground at