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African Culture is World Heritage

African Proverb

African Proverb
Distance diminishes the elephant

How Do I Call Africa from the USA

How Do I Call Africa from the USA
Pick up your phone and call a friend in Africa

How to Dial International Long-Distance Calls to Africa from the United States

Everyone in the United States of America knows when you want to dial a long distance phone number from Florida to New York you must dial a 1 then the area code then the seven digit phone number, this is called the North American Numbering Plan. AT and T developed the North American Numbering Plan in 1947 to simplify and facilitate direct dialing of long distance calls.

Implementation of the plan began in 1951. The North American Numbering Plan is an integrated telephone numbering plan serving 20 North American countries that share its resources. These countries include the United States and its territories, Canada, Bermuda, Anguilla, Antigua, Barbuda, the Bahamas, Barbados, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Dominica, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Jamaica, Montserrat, Sint Maarten, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia,…

What is in your commercial store bought tea bags?

What is in your commercial store bought tea bags?

Make Real Tea With Natural Tea IngredientsNeed a hot tea recipes? Get a delicious pot of tea on the table with The African Gourmet best tea recipes, brewing tips and tea snack ideas.

What's in your store bought commercial tea bags?

What is in tea bags? Go to your kitchen, grab one of your favorite teas and take the tea bag apart. Usually, commercial tea bags are not made of whole herbs, fruits or flowers; they are blended for everyone’s taste buds, standard. Now take a look at your tea bag, tea bags are commonly made of paper or food grade plastic. Make your own fresh tea; your teacup needs high quality fresh tea. Here are three fresh tea recipes below to make for your mind, body and soul.

Tamarind Ginger Tea recipe ingredientsTamarind fruit is very popular in many regions of Africa and the Caribbean. The pulp is sour and is regularly used to create delicious tamarind tea.

African Bush Tea Recipe recipe ingredientsThe continent of Afr…

Fried Buttermilk Squab African Food and Recipes

Fried Buttermilk Squab Recipes
How to Fry Squabs

The classic way of frying a chicken is probably the best way to fry squabs but is not often used unless there are a number of squabs to fry. Although by this method a lot of grease is needed in which to fry the birds, they are not at all greasy when cooked if the grease is kept hot.

Fried buttermilk squab recipe to explore delicious squab regional cuisine of Africa and make authentic squab recipe at home.But first

What is a squab?

Squabs are young pigeons and are usually expensive as they are considered a delicacy to eat. The birds are very small, the meat is delicate, as their bones are tiny. After the egg has been incubated for seventeen days, the squab lies in the nest for four weeks and in that, time puts on fat, which for lack of exercise is exceptionally tender.

The squab, until it is four weeks old, stays in the nest, and is fed with seeds and beans, and kept as fat as possible. The vegetable protein in the seeds is changed to anim…

How well do you know Africa Quiz Questions and Answers

Take our four question quiz on African geography, language, and history and see how well do you know Africa. The answers are below.

How well do you know Africa Quiz Questions and Answers
Try our How Well Do You Know Africa quiz and see how many questions you know the correct answers to. The questions can be tricky so pay close attention to the details of each question before you mark your answer. Good luck or bahati nzuri, that’s good luck in Swahili!

Four how well do you know Africa quiz questions
To reach the highest point of land in Tanzania, you have to climb?Mount Stanley
Mount Kilimanjaro
Luigi Di Savoia
Mount Meru

The official language of Angola is?Portuguese

Which African country hosted the first group of repatriated enslaved freed blacks back to Africa in 1820?Freetown, Sierra Leone
Monrovia, Liberia
Sherbro Island, Sierra Leone
Conakry, Guinea

What are the largest and smallest countries in Africa?Sudan and The Gambia
Algeria and Seychelles
The Democratic Republic of t…

Worst Female Serial Killer In Recorded History

Worst Female Serial Killer In Recorded History
Ugandan African woman Credonia Mwerinde planned, committed the worst mass religious murders in the world Jim Jones serial murders pale in comparison.Many of the worst serial killers recorded in history are women.Death is a woman living in Uganda Africa, The Programmer Credonia Mwerinde the worst mass religious murder in the world.

Death is a female from Uganda and her name is Credonia Mwerinde believed to be the worst mass religious murder in the world. Many of the worst serial killers recorded in history are women. Women who society tends to believe can’t engage in such dreadful activities as they are thought of as caregivers and kind.

The Programmer Credonia Mwerinde

Credonia Mwerinde was believed to organize the death of at least 924 followers in the cult in a fire and mass killing that engulfed the secluded mountain church at Kanungu, Uganda. The mass murder is the largest religious sect mass murder in the world, the second largest is …

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