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Tortoise and Crab African Short Story Folktale

Tortoise and Crab African Short Story Folktale Tortoise and Crab is a true African short story folktale shaped by the tongues of African elders. Everyone knows that Tortoise and Crab are enemies and this short Animal African folklore explains why the hatred runs deep. Tortoise and Crab Short Story African Folktale Everyone knows that Tortoise and Crab are enemies. One morning on the seashore they decided to fight to see which was the stronger, but, as both of them are protected by a hard shell, neither could succeed in injuring the other. Finally, they came to an agreement that they were equal in strength. “We are so well protected by our armor,” said Tortoise, “that no one can harm us.” “And thus,” said Crab, “we are the strongest creatures in the world.” But at this moment, a boy passed by and picked them both up.  The tortoise was boiled in a pot and his shell was made into ornaments while Crab was cooked in a stew for the boy’s supper.  Since that day, t

Favorite South Africa Recipe Bunny Chow Recipe

Vegetarian South African Bunny Chow Recipe Favorite South African Recipe Traditional South African fast food recipe for vegetarian bunny chow has nothing to do with nutrition for rabbits. A traditional bunny chow or bunny if you are in Durban in South Africa where the dish originated is made with mutton, chicken, beans, curry, and vegetables. Bunny is made by taking 1/2 loaf of bread hollowing it out and filling it with your choice of spices, meats, and vegetables. Bunny Chow is made to be eaten with your hands and rarely is Bunny Chow served with a fork. Favorite South Africa Recipe Bunny Chow Recipe Bunny Chow is one of Durban's best Indian food recipe Mom's Bunny Chow Recipe Culture and food of South Africa would not be complete without including the favorite South African food recipe Bunny Chow. In South Africa, Bunny Chow is the South African fast food bread bowl and is a common dish. Mom's Bunny Chow Recipe  

African Hot Peppers Making Shito Pepper Sauce

List of hot peppers from Africa and how to make Shito hot pepper sauce. Hot peppers that originated from Africa, Devil's Rib from Ghana, the African Cheeky, Fatali, Pettie Belle and Piment Curry hot-peppers from Mauritius.  Hot peppers that originated from Africa Devil's Rib An extremely hot habanero chili from Ghana. They are slightly ribbed and turn from a shiny green to bright red as they ripen. The plants are sprawling bushes that can be grown either in the ground or large pots. Cheeky Sea Spring Seeds selection from the Ghanaian landrace kpakpo shito, the small, roundish fruit are about 20 mm in diameter and change from lime green to orange to red as they mature. They are very hot, and their deep lobes make them look somewhat like the cheeks of a vagabond, hence the name. The plants are a tidy bush and can grow unsupported, making them perfectly suited for small or large pots and grow bags. Fatali A Habanero relative, this prolific plant ca

African Women Don't Farm Families Don't Eat

Women farmers are arable and pastoral farmers, whose daily tasks included general handiwork, tending to livestock, plowing, planting and harvesting crops. They must produce a good crop and healthy animals in order to make a living and to feed the family. The reality for most rural African women with or without men in family life, if they do not work 7 days a week rain or shine her nor her family shall eat. Farming while being female. Around the world, there are distinct roles given to women. Women play a critical role in farming Africa as well as in livestock raising and food processing. Almost half of the farming agricultural workers in sub-Saharan Africa are women, however; African women farms are far less productive than African males. Agriculture has always played a fundamental role in the lives of people on the African continent. Whether the food is grown for household consumption or for sale women farmers contribute heavily to Africa’s agriculture. Millions of female Afri