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Paying Your Diaspora Tax

For 26 years the 2% Eritrea diaspora tax has not been reviewed nor has the Eritrean gov. published financial records on how the diaspora tax is spent. 2% Eritrea diaspora tax is taxation without representation Calculating the 2% Eritrea diaspora tax  The diaspora tax or emigration tax on Eritreans living abroad is a sort of taxation without representation however, Eritrean consulates demand proof of diaspora tax payment to provide even the most basic consular services such as issuing visas to businesses and individuals, pursue an education, issuing Eritrean ID cards or any legal documents. Eritrea’s large diaspora has been a source of vital remittances, funding its war for independence and providing 30% of the country’s Gross domestic product. Because of drought and a war with Ethiopia, about 1 million Eritreans live abroad, that means one out of every five Eritreans lives abroad. Eritrea, pronunced eh·ruh·tree·uh is an African country located in Eastern Africa bordering the Red Sea,

Natural Burial Practices in Africa

Natural burial practices in Africa are sustainable and eco-friendly options and have been practiced for thousands of years.   Natural burial is a type of burial that minimizes the environmental impact of traditional burial practices. It is a more sustainable alternative to traditional burial, which can have a significant impact on the environment. Natural burial minimizes its environmental impact by using no embalming fluid is used as embalming fluid is a toxic chemical that can pollute the soil and water. The body is wrapped in a biodegradable shroud or placed in a simple wooden casket. These materials will decompose naturally and will not harm the environment. The body is buried in a natural setting, such as a forest or meadow. This helps to preserve the natural environment and allows the body to decompose naturally. No headstone or other monument is placed at the gravesite. This helps to keep the burial site natural and undisturbed. Natural burial is a type of bu

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