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African Culture is World Heritage

African Proverb

African Proverb
Distance diminishes the elephant

Percent of World Population Compared to Africa

Percent of World Population Compared to AfricaAfrican population increased by 645 million people in 40 years when the population was evaluated in 2015. From those calculations, interesting numbers emerged and the projections are for Africa to grow by 490 million people by 2030, 15 years, and increase by 1.4 billion by 2055 is on track. The World population is 7,677,179,190; Africa's population is 1,345,572,071 as of 2020. Asia is the most populous continent with about 60% of the world's population, China and India together account for over 35%. while Africa comes in second with over 15% of the earth's populace, and Europe has about 10%, North America 8%, South America almost 6%, and Oceania less than 1%.

Ten largest urban areas in Africa are Cairo Egypt 20,485,000, Lagos Nigeria 13,904,000, Kinshasha Democratic Republic of the Congo 13,743,000, Luanda Angola 8,045,000, Dar Es Salaam Tanzania 6,368,000, Khartoum Sudan 5,678,000, Johannesburg South Africa 5,635,000, Alex…

Plantain Dumplings With Yam Vegetable Stew

Plantain Dumplings With Yam Vegetable StewYam vegetable stew with plantain dumplings recipe local food name is Counin Zindo that is super simple to prepare by Burkinabé cooks.
Plantain dumplings are a small amount of soft dough that is boiled in yam veggie stew. How do you make plantain dumplings from scratch, well its easy just drop plantain dough gently into a pot of simmering stew for about 20 minutes. The full recipe directions and ingredients are below.

Ingredients for Yam Vegetable Stew.2 yams cut into cubes2 large onions, diced2 large tomatoes, diced1 small eggplant, peeled and diced3 medium carrots, diced2 medium white potatoes cut into cubes1 medium sweet potato cut into cubes1 hot pepper, choppedSalt to taste4 cups water
Directions for Yam Vegetable Stew.Add all ingredients to a large lidded pot simmer 10 minutes. Then follow the directions for plantain dumplings.
Ingredients for Plantain Dumplings.2 ¼ cups self-rising flour2 large mashed ripe plantains1 tablespoon ground parsle…

What is a Person from Africa Called?

What is a Person from Africa Called? Ethnic family means more than land boarders. Major tribes of Africa list shows that African tribes ethnic groups often outweighs nationality maps.
One classic disastrous example of ethnic or tribal group identity displacing nationality is in East Africa. Tutsi insurgents continue to fight waging guerrilla battles in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, the ethnic strife that sparked the slaughters in Rwanda and Burundi continue in the regions. The Tutsis as cattle-herders were often in a position of economic dominance to the farming Hutus and in many areas, like Rwanda, the minority Tutsis ruled the Hutus, 84% of the total population. South Africa has one of the highest murder rates in the world and a history of xenophobic attacks by people who accuse citizens of other African countries, as well as Asian countries, of coming to steal their jobs. The South African government does not collect data on attacks or threats against foreign nationals. About 70% of …

Boerewors Sausage Patty Sandwich

Boerewors Sausage Patty SandwichHomemade breakfast Boerewors sausage patties are easy to make. In South Africa, Boerewors are traditionally cooked over coals as part of a barbecue, or fried in a pan on the stove inside casings to make link sausages. Today we are making Boerewors sausage patties instead of links.It is essential to know the difference between minced meat and ground meat when making South African Boerewors. Boerewors uses minced meat and not ground meat. Minced meat is meat that is chopped up very finely; ground meat is more pulverized since it is put through a meat grinder possibly with other fillers such as fat, soybeans and water to bulk the ground meat up. The word Boerewors is literally translated to farmer’s sausage in the Dutch Afrikaans language and is a traditional South African sausage. The spice coriander and cloves define Boerewors taste. Serve in between two slices of bread, mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese and eggs for the ultimate Boerewors breakfast sandwich.B…

Folklore refuses to fade from African microcultures

Folklore refuses to fade from African microcultures Two Bulls Can't Stay in the Same Kraal tells the folklore story from Ghana Africa of sibling rivalry and a hard-headed younger brother. Folklore from the continent of Africa refuses to fade from African microcultures.  

Against the African folklife background many microcultures social identity becomes expressed in folklore history often compressed into one African culture and heritage. The narrative of Africa's folklore traditions is tied into the magnificent historical emergence of many nations. 

However, folklore from Africa has been central to folklife magnifying views of culture, views that mattered so much to a continent struggling with rapid changes twisted by large-scale wars, immigration, industrialization, and urbanization. The African story is one of continual material and social progress, building families through cultural consensus with peoples accepting and embracing an African identity. 
Archaeology collects and…

Do not invite evil to sit at your table then cry

Do not invite evil to sit at your table then cry.African proverbs for understanding the human spirit, and mind and where to stand between good and evil, African Elders will tell you do not invite evil to sit at your table then cry because your life is hard. The best masters of shunning evil wisdom are those who listen to their first mind and order things. African proverbs are general forms of speech, leaving the restrictions, which the case may require or bear, to be made by the hearer or interpreter’s discretion.

African proverbs have paved the way to success for many Africans. They also provide a safe haven for many people in challenging circumstances to develop and thrive, but good does not always come from good as the 13 African proverbs below make known.Good comes to better, and better to bad.He pulls at a long rope who desires another’s death. Soon ripe, soon rotten. A good dog never gets a good bone.To rude words deaf ears.No flies get into a shut mouth. He does a good day’s work …

Africa COVID-19 Corruption and Deaths

Africa COVID-19 Corruption and Deaths In Africa the Covid-19 virus infected around 1 million people with 20,276 deaths in 47 countries many are embroiled in Covid-19 corruption scandals. As of August 19, 2020, there were 2,071 new Covid-19 related deaths, a 15% decrease that occurred in 33 countries, with 73% of the deaths in South Africa at 1,513, followed by Ethiopia with 132 deaths and Algeria with 57 deaths.
South Africa is the hardest hit country with Covid-19 on the African continent and is ranked fifth globally, although with relatively low numbers of deaths, 2.1% fatality ratio. Health worker infections continue to increase gradually with 38,382 or 4.2% infections reported in 42 African countries since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak. According to the WHO, These 10 countries collectively account for 88% of all reported Covid-19 cases. Covid-19 WHO Data as of August 19, 2020 table.African CountryReported confirmed Covid-19 cases South Africa 592,144Nigeria49,895Ghan…

How big is the UN and what does it do in Africa?

How big is the UN and what does it do in Africa?The United Nations is a powerful worldwide organization and the most represented entity in the world. Nairobi Kenya is where the UN Headquarters in Africa is located.
The two main offices of United Nations (UN) in Africa are in Nairobi, Kenya and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. There are 17 specialized agencies through negotiated agreements that work on behalf of the UN and many other funds and programs throughout the continent of Africa working with the UN to carryout uphold international law, deliver humanitarian aid, protect human rights, promote sustainable development and maintain international peace and security.

UN funds and programs are distinctly different from specialized agencies. Funds and programs are established by a resolution of the UN General Assembly and have a focused mandate. They are funded either mainly or entirely through voluntary contributions and have a governing body that reviews their activities. However, specialized age…

Little eyes are watching Queenly behavior

Little eyes are watching Queenly behavior. African mothers through African Proverbs with faith, strength and powerful influence of the Queen mother have nurtured children for thousands of years.
Children need leading in the right direction and African Proverbs learned from our Queen mothers are the biggest influencers. Influence as a Queen mother is powerful so take these African Proverbs to heart and be purposeful but sensitive to your influence as a mother. Little eyes are watching Queenly behavior.

Queen mothers in Africa are leaders and women of power from the far corners in every West African country. With the listening ear of millions Queen mothers have an amazing amount of power and influence in Africa and in countless African communities, Queen Mothers hold a special place.
Queen Mothers influence African Proverbs. If better were within, better would come out. When one hits you with a stone, you do not hit others with a piece of cotton.Instruction in youth is like engraving …

Five hundred million African people are without legal ID

Five hundred million African people are without legal IDIn Africa, half the population of the continent are without legal identity.
Legal identification is a means of identifying or authenticating the identity of an individual and the recognition of a person’s existence before the law. In many African countries, a birth certificate is necessary to attend primary school and to graduate, and a national ID card is necessary to enroll in university and to vote in elections. Throughout the continent of Africa, half of the estimated 1.2 billion people are without identity.
Digital identity can be created from information found on a government-issued legal identification such as national identity cards and can be used to accurately recognize an individual. However, the barriers are great in Africa.The absence of legal identity arising from a weak government can be particularly acute in countries that have experienced violent conflict. It is extremely difficult to construct a measure of legal …

Food shortages unemployment rates and Covid 19 in Africa

Food shortages unemployment rates and Covid 19 in AfricaIn Africa, 34 countries are in crisis needing assistance for food due to Covid-19 where unemployment rates were already high.The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and food shortages are due to disruptions to the supply of agricultural products and income losses due to closure and illness. To different degrees all 34 African countries listed have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic as well as civil war, floods, desert locusts, planting shortages and high food prices. 
Covid-19 made a bad situation worse for these African countries and the need of humanitarian aid. Humanitarian aid is usually short-term help until the citizens themselves, governments and NGOs or other institutions can supply the long-term needs of a country.The Covid-19 pandemic is disrupting the global food supply but the effects are more acutely felt in Africa. Below is a listing of the African country, issues causing food shortages and explanations of the issue…

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