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Tabono Play Hard Work Hard

Adinkra Symbol Tabono Symbol Meaning
African Adinkra Symbol
Tabono is an African Adinkra symbol whose secret meaning is strength, persistence, and hard work.

Tabono Adinkra Symbol

Adinkra Symbol Tabono Symbol Meaning

Adinkra symbols are pictures that narrate a history, belief or philosophy.

West African Adinkra symbols represent ideas, proverbs, expressions, attitudes, and behavior depicted in simply drawn figure, think of it as a way of writing in code. The secret language of Adinkra symbols recounts the values and principles of the West African Asante people.

Adinkra symbol tabono symbol meaning is strength, persistence, and hard work, tabobo is four paddles or oars. Tabono teaches you cannot have a million-dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic.

Tabono strength, persistence and hard work proverbs, quotes, and sayings

Tabono is an African Adinkra symbol whose meaning is strength, persistence, and hard work. The symbol teaches us that the mind is attracted by what is wise and strong and has no pleasure in foolish things.

The study of proverbs, quotes and sayings are one of exceeding interest and value. Few and precious are the words which the lips of the wise speak. The thoughts of people on the great problems that confront the world show us we are strikingly one.

The Tabono strength, persistence and hard work proverbs, quotes and sayings were as deeply understood 5,000 years ago as today, and the worn expression of these truths, preserved into warning, encouragement, or reprimand, is a part of the equipment of life.

All strength lies within, not without.
Although men are accused of not knowing their weakness, yet perhaps as few know their strength.
Honesty gives wings to strength.
Cunning surpasses strength.
Loss of strength is more frequently due to the faults of youth than of old age.
Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor does the body.
Every joy that comes to us is only to strengthen us for some greater work that is to succeed.
Every time you forgive a man, you weaken him and strengthen yourself.
Great is the strength of an individual soul true to its high trust; mighty is it, even to the redemption of a world.

Persistence is the first condition of all fruitfulness in the ways of humanity.
Persistence in change.
Truth is a stronghold, and persistence is laying siege to it; so that it must observe all the avenues and passes to it.
What we hope ever to do with ease we may learn first to do with diligence.
Persistence is the mother of good fortune.
Persistence is of no use where luck is wanting.
Few things are impossible to persistence and skill.
Genius is nothing but labor and persistence.
The opinions of men are as many and as different as their persons; the greatest persistence and most practical conduct can never please them all.

Hard Work
Hard work is still the road to prosperity, and there is no other.
Hard work is the source of virtue.
Hunger is the best sauce.
The hard work of life alone teaches us to value the good things of life.
He that works hard and perseveres spins gold.
Hard work is no disgrace.
Every great mind seeks to work hard for eternity. All men are captivated by immediate advantages; great minds alone are excited by the prospect of distant good.
Nothing falls into the mouth of a sleeping lion.
Everything is sweetened by hard work.

Did you know?
Adinkra symbols are pictures that relate to the history, beliefs and philosophy of the Ashanti people. Adinkra symbols are well-known visual symbols that have a hidden meaning, deciphering Adinkra symbols is the same as reading a sentence as long as you know what is the symbols true meaning.

I grew up in poverty, but I always saw it as a challenge. The good thing is that you can surmount a challenge if you are willing to pay the price. The price is hard work.

– Dr. Reginald Abraham Mengi, Tanzania media mogul

“Be prepared to sacrifice, and work harder than you’ve ever thought possible. Be prepared to work around the clock, to be laughed at, called a dreamer, and to be told several times that your ideas will not work.”

 — Nkemdilim Begho, Future Software Resources Limited, Nigeria

“Business is always a struggle. There are always obstacles and competitors. There is never an open road, except the wide road that leads to failure. Every great success has always been achieved by fight, every winner has scars. The men who succeed are the efficient few –they are the few who have the ambition and will-power to develop themselves. So choose to be among the few today.” 
– Chris Kirubi, Centum Investment, Kenya

“I am guided each day by these three questions: ‘What are you fixing?’ ‘What are you making?’ and ‘Who are you helping? 

— Juliana Rotich, Ushahidi, Kenya

“Everything is possible. Impossible just takes a little longer.” 
— Wendy Ackerman, Pick n Pay South Africa

Tabono is an Adinkra symbol whose secret meaning is strength, persistence, and hard work
Tabono Adinkra Symbol

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