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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Traditional Recipe for Eggplant Fritters

Solanum melongena or eggplant better known as garden eggs in some regions of Africa are a vegetable grown in the subtropics and tropics. The name eggplant originates from the shape of the fruit. Eggplant has chemicals that can cause digestive upset if eaten raw, so is frequently cooked.  Eggplant can be fried, grilled, stuffed, roasted, and cooked in soups and stews.

Traditional Recipe for Eggplant Fritters 
Ingredients and Directions
Eggplant fritters
1.   Boil your desired amount of eggplants in salted water mixed with a little lemon juice
2.   When tender, skin, drain and mash eggplant
3.   For every cup of pulp, add one-half cup full of flour, two well beaten eggs, and season with salt and pepper to taste
4.   Shape into fritters and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown
5.   Sprinkle with salt, curry powder or your desired spice while still warm

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