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Chura Dance Twerking on the Beach in Africa

Chura Dance Twerking on the Beach in Africa
African singer Snura Mushi Hawashi, Frog Dance or Chura twerking music video is claimed to be immoral and against the African country of Tanzania moral beliefs.

Chura Dance Twerking on the Beach in Africa with Tanzania African singer Snura
Chura Dance Twerking on the Beach in Africa
 with Tanzania African singer Snura

Chura Dance: Twerking on the Beach in Africa

The thick plus sized twerking on the beach, bouncing, throwing one leg up and grinding, female African singer Snura Mushi's music video Chura is a hit among her fans, but not for the government of Tanzania.

The government declares the Chura song breaches the moral fabric of the public being crude and vulgar video for ages 18+. 

The ministry's Head of Information and Communication, Zawadi Msalla, said that the ban was imposed due to immoral acts in the video. According to Msalla, the ban will be withdrawn if the artist makes amend of her Chura video and completing the procedures of registering her artistic work at the National Arts Council, BASATA.

Chura Dance Twerking on the Beach in Africa

Twerking booty shake drop it like its hot in Africa

Twerking three facts

Twerking originally named booty shake or drop it like it's hot is defined as sexually suggestive dancing with rapid hip thrusts and shaking of the butt while squatting.

Miley Cyrus's performance at MTV's Video Music Awards in August 25, 2013, brought twerking to mainstream audiences, however, the Twerk dance originating as part of the bounce music scene of New Orleans in the late 1980s.

Mapouka or macouka is a dance from the Dabou area of southeast Côte d'Ivoire similar to twerking. It is also known as la danse du fessier or the dance of the behind.

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