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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

African Folklore Short Story of Rice

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African Folklore Short Story of Rice

African Folklore Short Story of Rice

Mystifying legend of rice African folklore is a short story with a moral lesson of be happy with what you have. Why One Grain of Rice No Longer Feeds the Village is one of many short African folklore stories from Sierra Leone Africa.

White rice

Why One Grain of Rice No Longer Feeds the Village

Once one grain of rice covered well with water and cooked afforded a good meal for several persons. At that time the Supreme God, the ruler of all, had a wife from the people.

One day her numerous relations come to visit her. She decides that one grain in the pot will not suffice for so many, therefore she puts in plenty rice.

The Supreme God sees the pot boiling, and becomes very angry and says, “One grain would have sufficed to feed all the people but since you have broken my law, hereafter, to get enough to eat, everybody must put plenty rice in the pot."

Did you know?

African rice has been cultivated in Africa for over 3,500 years. Rice is consumed in large quantities and is part of a traditional diet in Sierra Leone.

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