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Chic African Culture Africa Factbook

Did you know?

1. No African country names begin with the letters F, H, I, J, O, P, Q, V, W, X, or Y.

2. Africa is surrounded by water but by definition Africa is not an island because Africa is a continent.

3. The Republic of the Congo is one of the most urbanized countries in Africa.

Eating Polenta is the Same as Eating South African Mealie Meal

Mealie meal is made from coarsely ground maize (corn) and is known as mealie throughout Southern Africa. Just like polenta, mealie meal is cooked cornmeal that can be eaten as a side or used in a variety of recipes, from bread to desserts. Learn how to make a complete meal today with the African gourmet. Spicy Peanut Chicken with Mealie Meal is a Southern African favorite dish. Southern Africa is interesting as its diverse communities bring with them unique dishes, traditional foods, and flavors. Southern Africa has amazing markets where you can get so many varieties of cereal grains, beans, fruit, and vegetables. You will find people who will buy a bag of cornmeal, take it home, cook it, and eat it for the next five days.  Many places are embroiled in post-election day violence or people have been displayed so they have not been planting. Mealie meal is an economical cornmeal dish that's filling and pairs well with sauces, vegetables or meats.  Mealie Meal it is very easy healthy

About the African People, Kingdoms and Kanuri Language

About the African People, Kingdoms and Kanuri Language Kanuri language has 4 million speakers in Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon, Libya and the Sudan's. Nigeria has the largest population of Kanuri. In the African Kanuri language the elders say, Angalte simlan gani kdrgd, kdldlan kdrgd, translated to English meaning wisdom is not in the eye, but in the head. About the African People, Kingdoms and Kanuri Language. The Kanuri language has around 4 million speakers in Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon, Libya and the Sudan's. Kanuri is used as a medium of instruction in primary schools in Nigeria and Niger, and it is possible to study Kanuri up to PhD level. Kanuri also is known as the Bornu language is associated with the Kanem-Bornu Empire that existed in modern-day Chad and Nigeria from 1380 to until around 1893. Kanuri includes several subgroups and dialect groups, some of whom feel distinct from the Kanuri. Most trace their origins to ruling lineages of the Kan

Five Herbs of Cape Floral Kingdom of South Africa

In the Cape Floral Kingdom of South Africa, five herbs naturally scent the air in your house. They are basil, jasmine, lavender, mint and rosemary. Dried herbs Cape Floral Kingdom.  In the southwestern corner of South Africa there is a distinct kingdom; the Cape Floral Kingdom which contains about 3% of the world's plants. The Cape Floral Region is one of the richest areas for plants when compared to any similar sized area in the world. It represents less than 0.5% of the area of Africa but is home to nearly 20% of the continent’s flora. In the Cape Floral Kingdom of South Africa, five herbs naturally scent the air in your house. They are basil, jasmine, lavender, mint and rosemary plants.   Five Air Purifying Cape Floral Kingdom Herbs. Sweet Basil.  Many varieties of basil often have a sweet smell. To keep basil cut plants fresh for a few days by putting the cut ends in water just like a cut flower. They will add a fresh fragrance to the air but do not keep fresh leaves in t

African Proverbs and Ancestral Spirits

Chic African Culture ten favorite African Proverbs and their relationship to African Ancestral Spirits African Proverbs and Ancestral Spirits Love together with wisdom is the definition of an African Proverb. This no one can deny for your spiritual ancestors love you with pure love. Knowledge and wisdom with love from the ancestors is true wisdom spoken by them thru African Proverbs. For the knowledge of the ancestors in the form of African Proverbs will continually preserve the link between the seen and unseen worlds. In the ancestral unseen world, just as in the natural world, there are appearances according to spiritual affinities, of love and wisdom. From this, it is that the ancestors, although everywhere in the atmosphere with other spirits, nevertheless appears high above as knowledge. Since the reception of love and wisdom causes attraction to the ancestors, those atmospheres in which there are spirits, they will be in closer connection with you. The ancestors are present

Shetani Devil’s Bridegroom African Folklore

The Shetani or Devils bridegroom is a Southern African Folklore story to warn women against being too fussy in the choice of a husband.  The Shetani Bridegroom African Folklore There was once a girl, Asa, who refused to marry, her parents, too, discouraged all wooers who presented themselves, as they said they would not give their daughter to any common man. A festival was taking place in Asa’s village, and men came from the whole countryside to take part. Among the dancers, there appeared a tall and handsome young man, wearing a broad ring like a halo round his head, who drew all eyes by his grace and noble bearing. Asa fell in love with him at first sight, and her parents approved of him. The dancing went on for several days, during which time she scarcely took her eyes off him.  But, one day, as he happened to turn his back, she caught sight of a second mouth behind his head, and said to her mother, “That man is a Shetani!" Her parents would not believe it. “

African clay pottery history

African clay pottery history Pottery making in Africa began around 9400 BC and continues to this day. Forming a large clay pot by hand Pottery is one of the oldest and most widespread of functional arts in Africa. Creating African clay pots in Africa is unique. Pottery making has a long history in Africa and is one of the oldest functional arts using what is available in natural surroundings. Pottery is clay that is modeled, dried, and fired having practical uses in cooking, storing food, eating, drinking, and as ceremonial vessels.  In most cases, pottery is made by women . Clay pots are often thick created from clay, sand, and water and used daily in African life. African pottery artists have always used raw materials easily found in the environment. Clay is made by mixing dry clay with water in clay mixer. Clay straight from the ground in Africa is not like the clay you buy from a ceram

Africa is surrounded by water but is not an island, here are a few African Island facts.

Madagascar is the 4th large island in the world and is located in the Indian Ocean supporting a unique biology, about 90% of its plants and animals are found nowhere else on earth.

Composed of 155 islands, Seychelles is Africa's smallest country. By far the largest island is Mahe, home to about 90% of the population and the site of its capital city of Victoria.

Cabo Verde has a strategic location 310 miles or 500 km from the west coast of Africa near major north-south sea routes; important communications station; important sea and air refueling site.

Africa is surrounded by water but by definition Africa is not an island because Africa is a continent. Continents can not be considered islands because of their size and also by historic definition since many people who study geography define islands and continents as two different things.

African cultures express, encourage, and communicate energy

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