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African Proverb

African Proverb
Distance diminishes the elephant

Good Will Grow From Good

Good Will Grow From Good

Good will grow from good. Thinking good thoughts creates good outcomes; this is a basic law of attraction: positive thoughts create positive results.

Good Will Grow From Good

"If good is sown, then good will grow; if bad is sown, then bad will grow, good or bad in the end will show."

More good will grow from good proverbs.

Without sleep, there is no dream; without discourse, there is no proverb.

Proverbs are children of experience.

Proverbs are the wisdom of the home.

A wise man who knows proverbs reconciles difficulties.

He who does not listen to the proverb remains begging for help.

Proverbs are like butterflies, some are caught, some fly away.

Without sleep, there is no dream; without discourse, there is no proverb.

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