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In Ghana, children are given a name based on the day in the week they are born. Day names have further meanings concerning the character of the person

Ghana Sankofa Symbol

Trendy names have little meaning and have little to no relevance to the African family however, Ghana soul names are already chosen and boys and girls are born into this world with ties to the ancestors and living family.

Hearing and sharing name soul names fastens a person with their ancestral tribe creating an inner strength in the soul and fills the inner self with spiritual intenseness. Men and women Ghana soul name or day names are explained below.

Men Ghana soul name or day name 

Sunday born males names are Akwasi, Kwasi, Kwesi, Akwesi, Sisi, Kacely, or Kosi.

Monday born males names are Kojo, Kwadwo, Jojo, Joojo, or Kujoe.

Tuesday born males names are Kwabena, Kobe, Kobi, Ebo, Kabelah, Komla, Kwabela, Kobby, or Kobena.

Wednesday born males names are Kwaku, Abeiku, Kuuku, or Kweku.

Thursday born males names are Yaw, Ekow, or Yao.

Friday born males names are Kofi, Fifi, Fiifi, or Yoofi.

Saturday born males names are Kwame, Kwamena, or Kwamina.

Women Ghana soul name or day name

Sunday born female names are Akosua, Akasi, Akos, Esi, or Awesi.

Monday born female names are Adwoa, Adjoa, Adzoa, or Adwoma.

Tuesday born female names are Abena, Araba, or Abenayo.

Wednesday born female names are Akua, Aku, Kukua,or Akuma.

Thursday born female names are Aba, Yaa, Yawa, Baaba, or Awo.

Friday born female names are Afua, Afia, Afi, or Efua.

Saturday born female name is Ama.

Ghana soul name African Proverbs

To give is to store.
People who remove honey from a beehive are always two.
To ask is the desire to know the way.
A relationship is in the soles of the feet.
Everything has its own time.
All wisdom is not taught in school.
The clever person is not overcome by difficulties.
To be called is to be sent.
Travelling is learning.

What is your Ghanaian soul name or day name

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