Do not find fault with what you do not understand.

Life Can Be Unfair African Proverbs

Life Can Be Unfair African Proverbs

Bad things happen to good people African Proverbs teach how to cope.

Life can be unfair African proverbs teach us we can accept things and get on with the business of living happily even though life is unfair.

Sometimes life is just unfair African Proverbs

Life Can Be Unfair African Proverbs

Hands tell the story of Africa

A story is narrated by whoever tells it first.

A rose sometimes falls to the lot of a monkey.

If the wind blows, it enters at every crevice.


A monkey is only sick when the trees slide.

God does not pay weekly but pays at the end.

As you began the dance, you may pay the piper.


Where the bee sucks honey, the spider sucks poison.

Water from far does not quench thirsty.

A child can be punished because of his father’s faults.


The one you eat with is the one who digs your grave.

The past can never be changed.

A monkey does not see its ass.


A greedy man has his eyes on his wife’s pot.

Empty fingers are not licked.

A snake lives in a hole that it can’t dig.


A bird doesn’t farm but still gets food.

An old rabbit is breastfed by his children.

A bad tree destroys the field.

The one you eat with is the one who digs your grave.

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The wrong words are remembered for life, these African proverbs teach life is unfair at times.

African proverbs bring people together, read and study more proverbs, quotes, and sayings from the African continent.

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