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The person who is not patient cannot eat well-cooked dishes. -African Proverb

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Soul Education African Proverbs

Soul Education

Soul Education African Proverbs

Understanding that an educated soul expands the window into the great soul. Learning expands great souls.

Sukuma people of Tanzania education of the soul African proverbs teach us to open our eyes and ears to the lessons and challenges of the world.

BI NKA BI "No one should bite the other" West African symbol of peace and harmony.
BI NKA BI "No one should bite the other"
West African symbol of peace and harmony. 

Soul Education African Proverbs

To give is to store.

People who remove honey from a beehive are always two.

To ask is the desire to know the way.

Relationship is in the soles of the feet.

Everything has its own time.

All wisdom is not taught in school.

The clever person is not overcome by difficulties.

To be called is to be sent.

Travelling is learning.

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