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African Athletics All-Africa Games 50th Anniversary 2015

The Unity Games formerly named All-Africa Games is a Olympic-style summer and para events. The 2023 All-Africa Unity Games will be hosted by Ghana.

The Unity All-Africa Games is held every four years, one year before the Olymic Games.

In 1965, the first Africa Games were held in Brazzaville Congo. The 52nd anniversary of the games from 1965-2023 will see a record number of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals awarded to African athletes from 53 African Countries.

All-Africa Games Lagos Nigeria 1973

African Athletics Africa Games 

The All-Africa Games are organized by The Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa, which was founded in 1981 in Lome Togo. The All Africa Games were originally named the Friendship Games and then the Pan-African Games and now known as The Unity Games celebrate African athletics and African unity. 

In 2012, the name changed again to Africa Games. One of the original All Africa Games supporters was an International Olympic Committee first African member, Egyptian sprinter Angelo Bolanaki. He was the first International Olympic Committee member from an African nation. 

In 1965, the first All Africa Games were held in Brazzaville Congo. Unfortunately, a military coup forced the cancellation of the second games in Mali in 1969. The spirit of the games could not be crushed; Lagos Nigeria hosted the second games in 1973. 

In 1977, the third games were scheduled to take place in Algiers Algeria, but were postponed for a year and were held in 1978. The last of the delays, in Nairobi Kenya the original due date of the games was in 1983 but were deferred until 1985 finally taking place in 1987. South Africa was first permitted to compete in the All-Africa Games in 1995. 

List of All-Africa Games Host Countries 

1965 Brazzaville Republic of the Congo 1969 Disrupted by Military Coup, Bamako Mali

1973 Lagos Nigeria

1978 Algiers Algeria IV 1987 Nairobi Kenya

1991 Cairo Egypt

1995 Harare Zimbabwe

1999 Johannesburg South Africa

2003 Abuja Nigeria

2007 Algiers Algeria

2011 Maputo Mozambique

2015 Brazzaville Republic of the Congo

2019 Rabat Morocco ber, and aluminum

The 2023 All-Africa Unity Games will be hosted by Ghana.

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