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Blackman and White Snake Folklore Story

Blackman and White Snake Folklore Story
White Snake

Blackman and White Snake Folklore Story

A Blackman was walking by himself and saw a small white snake lying under a large rock.

The white snake begged his help; but when she had become free she said, "Now I will bite you!"

The Blackman answered, "That is not right! Let us first go to spider."

When spider had heard the affair, he said, "It is right."

"No," said the Blackman, "Let us ask scorpion!"

Scorpion declared the same, saying, "It is right."

"Now let us ask bird," said the Blackman in his despair.

The bird answered very slowly and considerately, doubting the whole affair, and demanding to see first the place, and whether the Blackman was able to lift the heavy rock.

The white snake lay down, and the Blackman, to prove the truth of his account, put the rock again over her.

When the white snake was securely under the rock, bird said to the Blackman, "Now let her lie there!"

White snake under a rock.


As far as the Blackman and White Snake Folklore Story, there are countless versions of the same story but the lesson learned does not change. Understanding the significance of this African Folklore Story may help in the solution of difficulties that have confronted social and civil relations making the intensions of those that came to benefit by setting about detracting, perplexing, and vexing indigenous people.

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