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Find your true life work in Africa.

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Thursday, June 27, 2019

One Do Wrong All Get Punished Short African Folktale

One Do Wrong All Get Punished Short African Folktale

Short African Folktale One Do Wrong All Get Punished

African folktales teach the right words for justice are vital. African folklore brings people together, read and study more folktales, and short stories from the African continent.

If one-person points the finger of wrongdoing then everyone gets in trouble so says the African Folktale one does wrong all get punished.

Evil little mouse
Evil little mouse

One day, the ancestors say, the Mouse cut to pieces the clothes of Mongueno the tailor, who then went to the Baboon, and accused the Mouse.

With these words Mongueno said, "In this manner I come to you great Baboon, the Mouse has torn my clothes, but denies it and accuses the Cat; the Cat protests likewise her innocence, and says the Dog must have done it; but the Dog denies it also, and declares the Wood has done it; and the Wood throws the blame on the Fire, and says, 'The Fire did it;' the Fire says, I have not, the Water did it;' the Water says, 'The Elephant tore the clothes;' and the Elephant says, 'The Ant tore them.

A great dispute has arisen among them. Therefore, I, Mongueno, come to you for help great baboon. The Baboon thought a while and said “Assemble the people for a trail and try them, in order beginning with the mouse." But during the trail they made the same excuses which had been mentioned by Mongueno, each one putting the blame upon the other.

So the Baboon did not see any other way of punishing them, but through making them punish each other; he therefore said "Mouse, pay Mongueno for the destroyed clothes." The Mouse, however, pleaded not guilty.

The Baboon said, "Cat, bite the Mouse." She did so.

He then put the same question to the Cat, and when she plead not guilty, the Baboon called to the Dog and said "Here, bite the Cat."

In this manner, the Baboon questioned them all, one after the other, but they each denied the charge. Then he addressed the following words to them all, "Wood, beat the Dog. Fire, burn the Wood. Water, put out the Fire. Elephant drink the Water. Ant, bite the Elephant in his most tender parts." They did so, and since that day, they cannot any longer agree with each other.

Through this judgment, Mongueno was happy, and addressed the Baboon saying "Yes! Now I am satisfied and with all my heart I thank you, Baboon, because you argued on my behalf, and gave me payment through justice."

African folktales and proverbs teach the right words are vital for justice.

African proverbs bring people together, read and study more proverbs, quotes, and sayings from the African continent.

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