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African Proverb

African Proverb
Distance diminishes the elephant

Little eyes are watching Queenly behavior

African mothers through African Proverbs with faith, strength and powerful influence of the Queen mother have nurtured children for thousands of years.

African Princess.

Children need leading in the right direction and African Proverbs learned from our Queen mothers are the biggest influencers. Influence as a Queen mother is powerful so take these African Proverbs to heart and be purposeful but sensitive to your influence as a mother. Little eyes are watching Queenly behavior.

Little eyes are watching Queenly behavior African Proverbs.

Queen mothers in Africa are leaders and women of power from the far corners in every West African country. With the listening ear of millions Queen mothers have an amazing amount of power and influence in Africa and in countless African communities, Queen Mothers hold a special place.

Queen Mothers influence African Proverbs.

If better were within, better would come out.

When one hits you with a stone, you do not hit others with a piece of cotton.

Instruction in youth is like engraving in stone.

In time, a mouse will gnaw through iron.

More than one war has been sparked by a single word.

Falsehood is the devil's daughter and speaks her mother’s tongue.

Do not depend on people who make great pretensions and boast of their power and influence, for they will fail you in time of need.

If better were within, better would come out.

As we are inwardly, so shall we appear outwardly.

The learned have eyes; the ignorant have merely two spots on the face.

To a cussed vessel, every wind is opposing.

As a woman's heart is so does she speak.

A little stone may upset a large cart.

As is the queen, so will the example be.

Queenly behavior African Proverb

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