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African Proverbs Are To Speech What Salt Is To Food

African proverbs are important because they teach life lessons in short simple sayings. African proverb wisdom is not the wisdom of the schools but of the village, the farm, and the elder. African proverbs do not have meaning for people who understand learning is not based on someone’s race or class.

African proverbs are wisdom of the heart and head.

African proverbs are wisdom of the heart and head.

Essential lessons learned from African proverbs carry heavy weight in world culture. African proverbs are common African sayings used by honored ancestry. The influence of African proverbs over the hearts and lives of people was second only to the words from Spirits.

Lessons learned from African proverbs.

African Proverbs help people to cope with life and death matters by adding traditional common sense to a complex situation. Few people dare to question the African proverb truthfulness and authority. African proverbs enable people not only to win their independence but also to overcome the many trials and disappointments of life.

Through African proverbs as through African folklore, songs, traditions, rhymes, superstitions, and customs, we trace the moral and ethical development of African wisdom and learn the workings of the mind. 

African Proverbs are used to strengthen social and moral statements in debates, lectures and writings. The widespread wisdom of African proverbs has brought important social and moral messages to the people who struggle in life.

African proverbs are important in African and World culture because African proverbs are to speech what salt is to food, irreplaceable.

Proverbs from Africa contain the essence of moral truth and practical lesson drawn from real life, and the fruit of philosophy grafted on the stem of experience. Below feature sixteen African Proverbs people love and to learn from right now.

African Proverbs Are To Speech What Salt Is To Food

Like the tusk and teeth of an elephant, one set for show and another for use.

The gossip causes the downfall of a kingdom.

However strong the grain, it cannot break the cooking pot.

Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it.

If you are filled with pride, then you will have no room for wisdom.

He does a good day’s work who rids himself of a fool.

A snake is never grateful. African proverbs people love.

To wash a donkeys tail is loss of time and soap.

He who loves you loves you with your dirt.

Unstringing the bow does not cure the wound.

The greedy advised to eat with eyes closed before children.

A snake is never grateful.

Born but yesterday and today a giant.

African proverb lesson. Beloved at home, cheap at the market.

The goat has paid with its life, yet its meat is not tasty.

A dog is brave at his own door.

Beloved at home, cheap at the market.

He who has suffered can sympathize with those in pain.

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Wise African Proverb

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