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African Proverb

African Proverb
Distance diminishes the elephant

Beautiful Sayings of the African Elder Nation

Beautiful Sayings of the African Elder Nation

The house is not too small if husband and wife are in harmony.

Listen to your elder's wise instruction in life through their proverbs and sayings.

You cannot take two skins from one goat.

It is better to carry an empty sack than to have the devil in it.

Even the devil knows what is right, but he will not do it.

Beautiful Sayings of the African Elder Nation

Elders wear a garland of silver and grey to grace their heads.

The garden needs no prayers, just rain.

Who spends much will soon beg.

It is better to weep with the wise than to sing with the fool.

More Beautiful Sayings of the African Elder Nation

You cannot fill a torn sack.

A thorn pierces young skin more quickly than old do.

Who follows everyone does wrong; who follows no one does worse.

It is easy with a full belly to praise fasting.

No trade without tools.

No resolution without discussion.

What is taken by force is cursed.

A tailless cock is but a chicken.

Even the King cannot feast from an empty dish.

He who weeps for the world will soon have no eyes.

Where water once has flowed, it will flow again.

As long as a man does not dishonor himself, nobody can dishonor him.

Eyes can see everything except themselves.

Belief is easier than investigation.

An honorable effort is never lost.

The sayings of the Elder African Nation are not only the epitome of its wisdom but matures the crooked pattern of thought. Older people have built up internal mechanisms to deal better with the hard times in life. Elders have paid their dues and they still have so much more to offer in the training of human existence.

Elder of a greater age sayings

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