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Types of shea butter

Types of shea butter Thick healthy hair the natural way.

Ingredients for hair conditioner are found at local markets and mixing the ingredients is easy. Add easy hair DIY African Shea Butter and Honey All-Natural Hair Conditioner for men and women to your hair regimen for thick healthy hair.

Thick healthy hair the natural way.

Types of shea butter made for Unisex natural deep conditioner for healthy natural hair.

One walk down the hair care aisle of the drugstore and you will see dozens of different conditioners and styling products for men and women.

Conditioner does as its name suggests rather than cleansing strands, it conditions the hair follicle and the effects are immediate. Using a conditioner is especially important if your hair is dry or thin. Conditioners contain ingredients that coat individual hairs so they look thicker and do not tangle as easily. No need for his and her hair conditioner products, there is little difference between the sexes when it comes to hair.

What is shea butter? 

African shea butter is cream-colored oil extracted from the nut of the African shea tree. Shea butter is made from the oil of the shea tree and has earned the name woman's gold in Africa because of its economic value to African women.

Types of shea butter:

1. Raw shea butter is butter is shea butter which has not been filtered or molded into shapes.
2. Unrefined shea butter is filtered and sometimes molded.
3. Refined shea butter has undergone processing to remove its odor.
4. Ultra-Refined Shea Butter has been significantly filtered and processed, which almost always loses the natural goodness of the shea nut. 

Both raw and unrefined shea butter has a distinctive odor if you add a few drops of high-grade essential oil this will improve the scent.

No need for his and hers hair conditioner products, there is little difference between the sexes when it comes to hair. Add easy DIY African Shea Butter and Honey All-Natural Hair Conditioner to your homemade recipe hair files for thick healthy hair.

Ingredients and directions Unisex Deep Conditioner for Healthy Natural Hair

2 cups Greek yogurt
3 tablespoons raw shea butter
1 very, very ripe banana
2 tablespoons raw honey

Thoroughly stir the honey, banana and shea butter together in a small saucepan over medium heat. Remove from heat cool, then add yogurt. Apply evenly to sectioned hair. Cover hair with a shower cap for 30 minutes. Rinse with warm water. 
Did you know?  It takes approximately 20 years for a tree to bear fruit and produce nuts used in making shea butter.

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