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Tuwo Shinkafa African Sticky Rice Balls

African Food Recipe Tuwo Shinkafa African Sticky Rice Ball

African sticky rice balls is one of the easiest African food recipes ever. Tuwo Shinkafa African sticky rice balls is a popular African food sticky rice fufu dish of the Hausa and Fulani peoples of northern Nigerian. Serve this best African food recipe with any soup or stew dish such as tomato, chicken or vegetable.

Tuwo Shinkafa African sticky rice balls

Tuwo Shinkafa African Sticky Rice Balls


2 cups any brand glutinous rice or sticky rice

1 teaspoon salt


In large pot add water, following cooking instructions on the bag of rice. Reduce the heat and cover until the rice is soft and sticky. Turn the cooked rice out onto a clean work surface. Use a long-handled wooden spoon to flatten rice, knead rice as you would knead dough. Roll into bite size pieces serve warm with African soups and stews. 

Tuwo in the of Chad, Ghana, Cameroon, Niger and the northern half of Nigeria Hausa language means, ground meal from rice or corn. 

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