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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Ethiopian Oromo People Most Popular African Proverbs

Ethiopian Oromo People Most Popular African Proverbs

Oromo people in Africa
Oromo people comprise 34 percent of the Ethiopian population. Every aspect of the Oromo pastoralist culture is captured in stories, proverbs and songs and handed down from one generation to the next.

Oromo people comprise 34 percent of the Ethiopian population.

Ethiopian Oromo People Most Popular African Proverbs

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Oromo Proverbs
Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia, once again faced loss and suffering due to a drought, the worst in 60 years, in the region.

The Borana Oromo are a pastoralist group living in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya.

The Borana who are part of a very much larger group of the Oromo, left the southern highlands of Ethiopia in the 1500's. They are mainly found in Ethiopia but some also live in Kenya and can be estimated at about 4 million in these two countries.

Those on the Kenya side of the border live in a large area of barren northern Kenya. About 44% of the Kenya Borana live in Marsabit District, into Tana River District, Garissa District and in Moyale District.

The heaviest concentration live in the Sololo area of Marsabit District and in Moyale District. Those in Isiolo District are concentrated in Merti and Garba Tula. Since the early 1990s many Borana have lived in Nairobi.

Oromo people of the Ethiopia

Most Popular Oromo Ethiopian African Proverbs

Qaro nafi illa.
The body of wise man has eyes.

Arbitir ufiindadabu.
The elephant does not get tired carrying his heavy tusks.

Hiyes Aad’daltet jiba.
A poor man is detested by his own mother. 

Obsan qalomani.
Patience leads to an honorable position.

Wan oketen inqamne moqan infud’u.
The ladle cannot serve anything if the pot is empty.

Nam Duu, Dubbi Indone.
A man dies, but his word lives forever.

Galatam gati injenne, a chuman bad injenne.
I did not ask for a payback for a generous act, nor did expect it to disappear altogether.

Ganibir d abranjiha, gain itdema ni dukana. 
The past years are in moonlight, the years to come are in darkness.

Children gather for a naming ceremony in Dembele Qersa, Borana zone of Oromia region, Ethiopia

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