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Two Friends, One Lion, Footrace of a Lifetime

In this funny African Folktale, two friends, Etuni and Folo, encounter a lion. Etuni tricks Folo, but later feels remorse and seeks forgiveness. 

Two friends running from a lion

Join lifelong friends Etuni and Folo on an overnight hunt, where a mischievous plan leads to a comical encounter with a lion. Experience thrilling pursuits, unexpected twists, and the enduring lessons of friendship, trust, and forgiveness in this engaging African folktale.

Two Friends, One Lion, and a Footrace of a Lifetime African Folktale.

In a time before written memory, two lifelong friends, Etuni and Folo, decided to embark on an overnight hunt in the wilderness. They were known for their playful antics and shared a passion for adventure. Little did they know that the escapade would lead them into a comical encounter with a formidable foe.

Under the blanket of a moonlit sky, Etuni and Folo set out into the wilderness, armed with weapons and determination. As they stealthily crept through the tall grass, their laughter echoed through the night, creating a lively atmosphere.

However, their merriment was short-lived when a mighty lion emerged from the shadows, its eyes fixed on the unsuspecting friends. Startled, Etuni and Folo leaped to their feet and sprinted away, their hearts pounding with adrenaline.

Amidst the chaos, Etuni hatched a mischievous plan. Whispers of self-preservation raced through his mind, and he decided to outpace Folo, hoping the lion would focus its attention on his slower companion. Ignoring the principles of friendship, Etuni sprinted faster, leaving Folo to face the lion alone.

Breathless but determined, Etuni finally reached a nearby village and sought refuge among the villagers. His face painted with fear, he recounted the tale of the lion's attack, embellishing it to present himself as the courageous survivor. The villagers, eager to assist, offered Etuni comfort and praised his bravery.

Meanwhile, deep in the wilderness, Folo had managed to outsmart the lion by seeking shelter in a towering tree. As dawn broke, he mustered the courage to return to the village, eager to share his side of the story.

Upon his arrival, Folo's presence surprised Etuni and the villagers. Curiosity filled the air as the villagers listened intently to Folo's account of the lion's relentless pursuit and Etuni's abandonment. Their expressions transformed from admiration to disappointment as the truth unfolded.

Realizing the extent of Etuni's deceit, the villagers chastised him for his dishonesty and lack of loyalty. Etuni, feeling ashamed and remorseful, approached Folo with teary eyes, offering a sincere apology for his selfishness and lies.

Deeply understanding the value of friendship, Etuni vowed never to let his own desires overshadow his loyalty and trust again. With forgiveness and a renewed commitment to each other, the two friends mended their bond.

The tale of Etuni and Folo serves as a lighthearted reminder of the significance of honesty, loyalty, and selflessness in friendship. It emphasizes that true friends stand together through thick and thin, offering support and protection, even in the face of unexpected challenges. The misadventure with the lion became a humorous lesson, teaching them the enduring value of trust and companionship.

Two friends running from a lion


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