African Folktales Are Cultural Heritage

Everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, age or education, knows African folklore stories. Reading African folktales will help families make connections to their cultural heritage better than a genetic DNA test. Read the African folklore stories Why Frogs Croak and Beauty Does Not Pay The Bills.

Reading African Folktales Help Families Connect To Their Cultural Heritage.

African folklore is a story with unbelievable elements, related as if it were true and factual. Most often African folklore stories have a moral underlined at the end of the story and are of diverse origins. Anthropology is the study of humans and human behavior and scholars from many nations have devoted and are devoting their lives to the study of folklore.

The African folklore originally belonged to the oral tradition and was not collected in writing until missionaries began recording their missions to Africa. Many African folklore stories use as ethical guides as a theme, are proverbial in context, and have different details and alternative versions depending on the African country of origin. 

Here is a popular African Folklore story from Ghana; it is a common belief male frogs croaks are love serenades meant to attract a wife. However, the true reason frogs croak is explained in the ancient African Folklore Why Frogs Croak. 

Why Frogs Croak Ghana African Folklore Story

Why Frogs Croak Ghana African Folklore Story

The animals arrange a wrestling match between frog and elephant.

It is agreed that at the beginning of the match, at the signal each contestant will rush forward into the wrestling match and begin the contest.

However, the elephant comes so fast, that he stumbles and falls over on his back, frog jumps through elephant's legs, pins him and wins the match.

All Frog's relatives began to croak, and to this day, they crock to each other celebrating the victory over the elephant.

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African folklore stories, in the beginning, were communicated face-to-face for entertainment purposes, enforcing tradition and teaching a life lesson. African folklore stories are perfect for the boys and girls who like to listen to stories as well as to read them, and for the mothers and teachers who are looking for unique story lessons.

The main characters in many African folklore stories are animals reflecting the morals, superstitions, and customs of the African people. African Folklore allowed the people of Africa to give meaning to the unknown phenomena in their lives and their surroundings. 

People of the world are inquisitive about ancient works of literature if that literature can be shown to relate somehow to their present. This is why African folklore is still very popular today as in this popular story from Nigeria Beauty Does Not Pay the Bills.

Beauty Does Not Pay Bills Nigerian African Folklore Story

A young woman was well known and prized throughout the land for her unique beauty.

One day, she thought to herself since I am so beautiful I would only have to show up at the local market, and the people would bring her all I need to survive.

Therefore, when she saw the women go to market, carrying loads of yams, eggs, vegetables, spices, and cocoyam, she put on her prettiest clothes adorned herself with costly beads and bracelets and followed the women to market.

When she arrived at the market, people were busy bartering their yams for dried fish, salt, pottery, and other supplies.

The beautiful woman stood there in the busy market empty-handed, and had nothing to barter; neither did anyone pay any attention to her. She stood and waited for a long time, but not even the tiniest little fish was offered to her.

Empty handed and proud the beautiful woman had come, and empty-handed and shamed she went home. She learned that no one could live on beauty alone.


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