Find your true life work in Africa.

Find your true life work in Africa. Africa is home to more unknown history than known. A map of Africa does not begin to show the vastness of people, culture, food, living and ancient history of the African continent. Established 2008 Chic African Culture is a learning tool to meet the demand for better education about the entire continent of Africa.


Find your true life work in Africa.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Highest Temperature Lowest Temperature in Africa

Highest Temperature Lowest Temperature in Africa

Highest Temperature Lowest Temperature in Africa

The hottest average temperature on Earth is Dallol, Ethiopia, averages a temperature of 93 °F or 33.9 °C throughout the year.

The highest temperature recorded anywhere in Africa was at Al Aziziyah, Libya, which reached 136 °F or 57.8 °C on September 13, 1922.

The lowest recorded temperature in Africa is -11 °F or -24 °C at Ifrane, Morocco, on February 11, 1935.

Africa Weather Extremes

The hottest average temperature in the world belongs to Ethiopia's Danakil Depression

Ethiopia's Danakil Depression is one of the hottest, driest and lowest places on the planet. Danakil Depression of Ethiopia receives 100 to 200mm of rainfall per year and it is also one of the lowest places on the planet, at 410 ft or 125m below sea level. The area is located in the Afar Region of north-east Ethiopia near the border with Eritrea. The climate here has the hottest average temperature on earth and the Afar people call home. Afar, Amharic Adal, Arabic Danakil (singular), a people of the Horn of Africa who speak Afar, a language of the Eastern Cushitic branch of the Afro-Asiatic language family. They live in northeastern Ethiopia, southeastern Eritrea, and Djibouti, where, with the Issas, they are the dominant people.

The highest temperature in Africa belongs to Aziziyah, Libya

Aziziyah, Libya, which reached 136 °F or 57.8 °C on September 13, 1922 is a town in northwest Libya around 25 miles south of Tripoli. Al Aziziyah, Libya highest temperature was of course recorded in the Libyan Desert of the Sahara Desert. On 13 September 2012, the World Meteorological Organization announced that the WMO Commission of Climatology World Archive of Weather and Climate Extremes had found that the record was invalid. Its world record for hottest temperature is now 134.1 °F or 56.7 °C recorded on July 10, 1913 at Greenland Ranch in Death Valley, California in the United States however Al Aziziyah still holds the record for the hottest highest temperature recorded in Africa.

The lowest temperature in Africa belongs to Ifrane, Morocco

Ifrane is a small town in Morocco located at an altitude of 5,460 feet above sea level in the Middle Atlas region. Ifrane Morocco is known as Africa's Little Switzerland and lies high up in Morocco's Atlas Mountains. Because of its elevation, the town experiences snow during the winter months and a cool climate during the summer. The town's first public buildings consisted of a post office and a Catholic church. Moreover, a penitentiary was built which served as a POW camp during World War II. Today skiing is a popular wintertime sport with tourists.

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Find your true life work in Africa.

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