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Punk Rock Bands in Africa

Punk Rock Bands in Africa

Punk Rock Bands in Africa
The Cum In Your Face (TCIYF), 340ml and TBMO are three Punk music bands in South Africa and Mozambique you should give a listen.

Three popular African Punk Rock Music Bands

Explore and Understand Africa Through Her Food and Culture

The Ugly Truth About Punk Rock in Africa

Punk Rock in Africa; TCIYF, 340ml and TBMO are three Punk music bands in South Africa and Mozambique you should give a listen.
Punk rock in Africa
Starting from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, almost 50 years ago, punk rock spread around the world with bands like the Sex pistols, the Clash and the Ramones gathering a cult following and creating a scene in which kids who didn’t fit in found a community.

African punks in reality, they have been present from punk’s zenith with the hardcore punk band formed in Washington, D.C., in 1977, Bad Brains.

Three popular Africa Punk Music Bands


TCIYF, Soweto South Africa

What does TCIYF stands for? Well, bluntly it stands for The Cum In Your Face. This thrash punk band from Soweto, a Johannesburg township and the largest township in South Africa is hardcore punk. The four members are part of a skate collective called SSS or Skate Soweto Society. 

TCIYF was one of the bands performing at Soweto Rock Revolution, the Punk Fuck III concert November 2014. Being part of the SSS, TCIYF band members Thula (guitar), Pule (vocals), Tox (bass), and Jazz (drums)  are influenced by punk music and half pikes.


340ml (340 million), Maputo Mozambique

The four-member band, 340ml was founded in 2000 in Maputo Mozambique.  The group is influenced by a variety of genres, reggae, bossa nova, funk, ska, samba, jazz, zouk, marrabenta, electro, afro-dub, fado, kwaito and American R&B.

Formed in 2000 340ml band members are Pedro (Vocals), Tiago (Guitar), Rui (Bass) and Paulo (Drums).  Their hit Fairy Tales is one of their most popular tracks.



TBMO stands for The Brother Moves On hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa.  True to their name, the experimental collective group members mix punk, Xhosa funk, jazz, folk, electronic, dance and spoken word for the post-apartheid age. which members come and go – or "move on" – so that their sound evolves with the changing personnel, and so the energy and momentum of the collective isn't dependent on any member.

TBMO believes their music is neither black nor white, but clearly rooted in South Africa, feeding off the country's unique political history. In the bands own words, they are "transitional music for a transitional generation. Music for and about where the generation of South Africans born after apartheid find themselves, which is free and hopeful, but also disappointed in and disillusioned with a system hasn't delivered much to support the hopes of this generation, particularly the hopes of its underprivileged members.”

Chic African Culture

Anti-Apartheid Punk Rock Band

National Wake, the band Kadey led in the late 70s and early 80s, were South Africa's first, and indeed only, multiracial punk band.

Punk rock in Africa, punk is a loud, aggressive music but punk is a state of mind, freedom no matter what continent you live on.

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