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Legal Hunting Types in Africa Game Hunting

Three main types of legal hunting in Africa are African trophy hunting, canned hunting, and game hunting.

Legal Hunting Types in Africa Game Hunting 

There are three main types of hunting in Africa, trophy hunting, canned hunting and game hunting.
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Africa’s Big Five canned, game and trophy hunting animals are the elephant, lion, leopard, Cape buffalo, and rhinoceros.  According to Wildlife Extra Tourist hunters kill around 105,000 animals per year, including around 640 elephants, 3,800 Buffalo, 600 lions, and 800 leopards.

The Cape buffalo is nicknamed the Black Death because it is one of the smartest and unpredictable animal a hunter can face. The black rhino and leopard are on the WWF critically endangered listing, the African elephant is listed as vulnerable as well as the African lion.

Three legal hunting categories in Africa are trophy hunting, canned hunting, and game hunting explained.

Trophy Hunting Trophy hunting is defined as killing wild animals for their body parts, such as head and hide, for display but not primarily for food or sustenance. Trophies include, but are not limited to, parts such as elephant ivory tusks, rhino horns or deer antlers to entire heads that can be mounted on walls or complete bodies that can be formed into life-like poses by a taxidermist.

Canned Hunting A canned hunt is where animals have been raised on farms or game reserves until they are mature enough to be killed. The animals are hunted in a confined area increasing the chances of the hunter attaining a kill.

Game Hunting Game hunting is the hunting of animals, for food, skin or hide and other animal features. Game hunting is a survival, trophy, or sporting activity. Big game hunting is the hunting of large animals, historically the elephant, lion, leopard, water buffalo, and rhino.

Africa’s Big Five canned, game and trophy hunting animals are the elephant, lion, leopard, Cape buffalo, and rhinoceros.
Africa hunted animals
Canned hunting is becoming more popular throughout Southern Africa.  Eleven countries in Africa allow trophy and big game hunting in the wild:

·        Benin

·        Botswana

·        Burkina Faso

·        Cameroon

·        Central African Republic

·        Ethiopia

·        Namibia

·        South Africa

·        Tanzania

·        Zambia

·         Zimbabwe

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