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Hiding From Hard Work African Folklore

People hide from hard work for many reasons. As the African Folklore Hiding From Hard Work teaches us, there is nowhere to hide when a parent gives you chores to do.

As the African Folklore Hiding From Hard Work teaches us, there is nowhere to hide when a parent gives you chores to do.

Hiding From Hard Work African Folklore Story

In the quaint farming town of Nwende, there existed a young man whose reputation preceded him—not for feats of industry or ambition, but rather for the art of idleness. Laziness was not just a trait; it was his defining characteristic.

This young man, whose name echoed through the village in whispers of exasperation, seemed to have an unparalleled talent for avoiding anything that remotely resembled hard work. Fields begged for tending, and chores cried out for attention, yet he mastered the skill of evading responsibility with an almost praiseworthy skill.

One extremely hot summer day, he found himself in a difficult situation. He was afraid of running out of money and needed a job urgently but the pressure of working became so intense that it felt like something inside him was about to snap.

With a defiant spirit, he declared to his father, "I am tired of hard work! I will disappear, and you will never find me!" The father, seasoned by life's trials, responded with a smirk, "Oh, you lazy boy! Hide wherever you please, but mark my words, I will find you!"

Undeterred, the father went about his daily toils, leaving the unambitious son to concoct a plan. In a twist of fate, the young rebel transformed himself into a three-kernel peanut, thinking he had outsmarted his father. Little did he know, the universe had its own game in play.

A wandering chicken, clueless to the peanut's undercover transformation, scooped it up in its beak and gulped it down without a second thought. The plot thickened as a wild cat, stealthy and hungry, pounced on the unsuspecting chicken, making it the next link in this unforeseen chain of events.

In a dramatic turn, a dog entered the scene, chasing and capturing the cat in a chaotic dance of survival. The pursuit ended abruptly as the dog met its fate, becoming the prey of a massive python. The python, content with its canine feast, slithered to the river, unknowingly leading itself into a trap set by human hands—a fishing net.

Enter the father, unaware of the grand drama unfolding. As he inspected his fishing nets, he pulled one to the water's surface, only to be greeted by the sight of a colossal python caught in its meshes.

Curiosity turned to astonishment as he unraveled the serpentine mystery. Layer by layer, the father revealed a dog, within which lurked a cat, within which resided a chicken, and at the heart of it all—a three-kernel peanut.

The son, confined within the peanut's shell, stared wide-eyed at his father's triumphant face. The sheer shock that his elaborate hide-and-seek had led to this bizarre sequence of events left the son utterly flabbergasted and ashamed. 

From that day forward, the young rebel never dared to play hide-and-seek with his father again. The village, however, buzzed with tales of the unforgettable day when a simple game of hide-and-seek from hard work turned into an epic African folktale.

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