Children of Disability Prom Night in Uganda Africa

Loving Christians holding a memorable prom night for children with disabilities and orphans in Jinja Uganda Africa through Ekisa Ministries.

Ekisa Ministries and the Tim Tebow Foundation special needs prom night centers on love, fun and laughter. Night to Shine was specially designed for children and teens with special needs.

Night to Shine was specially designed for people with special needs, Tim Tebow Foundation Prom in Uganda Africa
Children of Disability Prom Night in Uganda Africa

Children of Disability Dancing at Prom Night in Uganda Africa

Tim Tebow is known as a man of God, former SEC Florida Gators Quarterback, former NFL Quarterback for the Broncos, Jets, Patriots and Eagles, tight end for the Jacksonville Jaguars and a lightning rod for anything Tim Tebow.

But did you know Tim Tebow supports special needs children in Jinja Uganda, Africa through Tim Tebow Foundation’s Ekisa Ministries. Night to Shine, the special needs prom night designed for special needs children was a night to always remember.

Since February 2011, Ekisa Ministries provides special needs children in Jinja Uganda with their physical, mental, and spiritual growth. Surrounded by people who accept them for who they are, children danced with painted faces, smiles, and laughter.

At the prom, they were not special needs, they were free to express themselves and be comfortable in their own skin. Even though they may have special challenges in their life, African children still want to live a full happy life, the same thing everybody else wants.

Ekisa Ministries is a Christian faith-based organization. The Tim Tebow Foundation states on their website “The Tim Tebow Foundation has a great passion for people with special needs, and to celebrate the foundation’s 5-year anniversary, we launched an initiative to create Night to Shine, an unforgettable prom night experience, centered on God’s love, for people with special needs at host churches across the country.

In February 2015, the Night to Shine nationwide event took place at the same time at 44 churches in 26 states and 3 countries including Uganda Africa. Each prom included special elements such as a red carpet entrance with paparazzi, limousine rides, hair, and makeup beauty stations, a dance floor, food and laughter, dancing and fun.

Jinja Uganda Africa may be famously known as the source of the Nile River and the best grade 5 whitewater rafting and kayaking in East Africa, but to the children who attended the Night to Shine prom, Jinja is known as a night they danced the night away.

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