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Gikuyu Tribe Nine Beautiful Daughters

Kenya’s Gikuya tribe calls Mount Kenya Kere-Nyaga where the supreme God Ngai lives. Mogai gave a wife to Gikuyu named Moombi and they created nine beautiful daughters.

Climbing a mountain in Kenya

Origin of the Gikuyu Tribe of Kenya

Mogai, the divider of the universe called a man named Gikuyu to him taking him to the top of Kere-Nyaga (Mount Kenya). Mogai pointed out the lush fertile lands and told the Gikuyu man all is his, if he is ever in need, raise his hands toward Kere-Nyaga and pray.

Mogai also gave a wife to Gikuyu named Moombi and they created nine beautiful daughters. However, Gikuyu wanted a son to carry on his name. 

Mogai told Gikuyu not to worry and make sacrifices to the mountain Kere-Nyaga where the God Ngai lives but he must do this while standing under a fig tree. 

Mogai told Gikuyu if he did as told he would be blessed with nine handsome strong young men to marry his beautiful nine daughters. Gikuyu did as he was told making sacrifices to Kere-Nyaga. 

When he returned to the fig tree in the morning, he found nine young men waiting patiently under the fig tree. 

The men married Gikuyu’s daughters and continued to live on the land for generations still praying and giving thanks to the mountain Kere-Nyaga where the God Ngai dwells. 

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