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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Voices of Herbalists in Africa, Medicinal African Bush Tea Recipe

Voices of Herbalists in Africa, Medicinal African Bush Tea Recipe

Ancient Knowledge
Herbalism is one of the main methods used to treat various illnesses in traditional African medicine.

Medicinal African Bush Tea Recipe

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The continent of Africa has a wealth of indigenous herbs and plants such as African bush tea used for herbal treatments.

Therapeutic African Bush Tea

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Therapeutic bush tea has a bitter flavor and is used for medicinal purposes to treat stomach problems.

Prep time: Cook time: Total time:


Desired amount of Rooibos (pronounced roy-bose) bush tea leaves
Boiling water
Honey or sugar optional


When making herbal African bush tea use a tea strainer. The tea strainer eliminates the need to strain off leaves later. 

Add your desired amount of bush tea leaves to a tea strainer or teapot. 

Cover with boiling water a let steep for 2-5 minutes or until you have created your perfect cup of tea based on your preference. 

Hyptis suaveolens or bush tea is a wild plant whose leaves are used to make therapeutic herbal tea.

Did you know?
The word rooibos comes from the Afrikaans language meaning red bush.

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