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African Proverb
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Make Easy Dried Hibiscus Flowers Red Party Punch

Make Easy Dried Hibiscus Flowers Red Party Punch.

Pretty red punch from Ghana made with eatable flowers is a classic red flower party punch recipe made by steeping dried hibiscus flowers​.

Red is the most popular color used on flags in the world, it's also the international color for stop but you won't stop drinking Sobolo a lively red Ghanaian red punch made by steeping dried hibiscus flowers.

Dried Hibiscus Flowers Red Tea

Tartly sweet dried hibiscus flowers red party punch is an ideal solution for serving up a big batch of party drinks. No need to take individual orders just make up a batch before the party and serve, allowing you time to enjoy your guests. 

Here's how to make punch that will keep guests coming back for more. you can mix and match to create a variety of punch recipes. 

Below is the basic recipe to make 1/2 gallon of punch, which is enough for eight servings. 

Dried Hibiscus Flowers Red Party Punch.

3 cups dried hibiscus flowers.
10 cups high-quality water.
2 cups sugar. 
Citrus fruit slices.
Sliced fresh strawberries.
Fresh raspberries.

In a pot that has a tea diffuser add dried hibiscus. Pour 3 cups of water over the edible hibiscus. Wait for the hibiscus to infuse turning a beautiful brick red color, the time the flowers steep depends on your taste, longer brews for a richer taste, shorter for a lighter taste.

After the dried hibiscus drink cools, in a large pitcher or bowl combine 4 cups water and one 12-oz. can frozen lemon concentrate. Add 2 cups sugar; stir until dissolved. Add the concentrated hibiscus punch. Cover with a lid or plastic wrap; chill at least 4 hours. 

Just before serving, pour the chilled juice mixture into a large punch bowl. you just want to dress up your punch with some fruit slices. Be sure you have a ladle at the ready for serving punch.

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