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Monday, March 13, 2017

Test of Friendship African Folktale

Dadua’s friend’s offer help in his darkest hour, his greatest time of need, but then they disappear.

Test of Friendship African Folktale

Dadua had three friends. The first one was his very best friend from childhood. The second he loved beyond measure and the third, he loved like a father.

One day Dadua was accused of having killed a man, and he was served a summons to appear
before the King's Court.
Test of Friendship African Folktale, Dadua’s friend’s offer help in his darkest hour, his greatest time of need, but then they disappear.
Dadua in his darkest hour
In the summons, it was stated that he was to bring, three reliable witnesses along with him—men who were known for their integrity and love of the truth.

He at once went to his very best friend and asked him to accompany him to the King's Court and witness in his behalf. Then he went to his friend he loved beyond measure, he too agreed to appear before the King on his behalf. Dadua went to visit his third friend and he agreed without hesitation to testify for his friend.

On the way to the King's Court, Dadua said to the first friend, whom was his best friend: "Friend, I pray you, testify in my behalf and stand up to the men who are accusing me of this foul murder!" But, the best friend became freighted of what might happen to him and turned back.

Dadua asked the second friend, whom he loved beyond measure, “You will stand up for me!” the second friend readily consented to do him this great favor. Likewise, he asked the
third friend whom he loved like a father and once more, and he too was willing.

However, when the friends had come within hearing distance of the King's Court they heard how the King was in a terrible rage and became afraid and, like
the first friend, they turned their back on their friend.

Dadua went into the King's Court alone having no one to testify on his behalf, was found guilty and put to death. He learned too late a friend whom you considered true and dear won’t always stand by your side in times of great trouble.

Test of Friendship African Folktale Short Story

African Folktales three facts

African folktales usually have sly animals and spirits as the main characters.

Anansi is one of the most beloved African folktale characters. He often takes the shape of a spider and is considered to be the spirit of all knowledge of stories.

Reading African folktales will help kids make connections to their cultural heritage.

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