Incurvatus in se Hosha the Turtle Modern African Folktale

Incurvatus in se is turning inward; harmful excessive self-focus. We must balance self-awareness with outward focus, as Hosha the turtle teaches in our Modern African Folktale.

Incurvatus In Se

Incurvatus in se Hosha the Turtle Modern African Folktale

Before the sun and the moon shared the same sky, there lived a wise old turtle named Hosha. Hosha was known throughout the animal kingdom for his deep thoughts and contemplative nature. He often spent his days sitting by the riverbank, pondering the world around him.

One sunny day, as Hosha basked in the warm African sun, he noticed a commotion among the animals of the savannah. They were arguing about who was the most important creature in the entire kingdom. The lion claimed it was the strongest, the eagle boasted about its keen eyesight, and the elephant declared its enormous size made it the most vital.

Listening to this heated debate, Hosha decided to intervene with his wisdom. He approached the animals and said, "My dear friends, I have been observing your discussion. Each of you possesses unique qualities that make you special. However, I believe true importance lies within oneself, not in comparing to others."

The animals were intrigued, and they asked Hosha to explain further. The wise turtle began to tell a story, a tale that would forever change their perspective.

"Before the sea met the shore," Hosha began, "there lived a young boy named Amarae. Amarae was a curious and adventurous child, always seeking to explore the world around him. One day, he set out on a journey. Along the way, he encountered many animals, each with its own extraordinary traits.

Amarae met a swift cheetah, a graceful antelope, and a clever monkey. He marveled at their abilities but felt a growing sense of inadequacy within himself. Amarae began to believe that he was just an ordinary boy, lacking any special talents compared to these creatures of the wild."

Hosha paused, letting the animals absorb the story. He continued, "As Amarae continued his journey, he came across a wise elder who lived alone in a secluded hut. The elder sensed Amarae's inner turmoil and asked him what troubled his heart. Amarae poured out his feelings of self-doubt and envy for the remarkable skills of the animals he had encountered."

The wise elder nodded knowingly and shared, "My young friend, it is not the abilities of others that define your worth. Each creature, including you, holds a unique gift within themselves. Your gift may not be as fast as the cheetah, as graceful as the antelope, or as clever as the monkey, but it is just as valuable."

Inspired by the elder's words, Amarae continued his journey with a new perspective. He realized that his gift was his ability to learn and adapt. He could use his intelligence to build, create, and connect with others in ways no animal could.

The animals listening to Hosha's tale began to understand the message. They realized that true importance came from recognizing and embracing their unique qualities. From that day forward, they lived harmoniously, appreciating the diversity of gifts that each creature possessed.

And so, the wisdom of Hosha, the thoughtful turtle, helped the animals understand that they were all important in their own way, just as Amarae had discovered his own significance through self-reflection.

In this modern African folktale, we learn that comparing ourselves to others leads to feelings of inadequacy, but true importance comes from recognizing and embracing our unique qualities.

Did you know?

The concept of Incurvatus in se, refers to being turned inward upon oneself. At the same time, self-reflection and self-awareness are important for personal growth; being excessively turned inward upon oneself has detrimental effects on mental health. It's crucial to balance self-awareness and a healthy outward focus on relationships, experiences, and the world beyond oneself.


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