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Kids Are Kids The World Over All Kids Love Playing Africa Hand Clapping Games

Africa for Kids, Hand Clapping Games

Oral traditions are important in African history and culture. One such oral tradition takes the form of hand clapping games played by children throughout the African continent.

African Hand Clapping Games

Liberian Refugee Orphans in Ghana at the Africa Heartwood Project Refugee Orphan Home at Buduburam Refugee Camp perform three Liberian clapping games.

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The children are speaking traditional Liberian Pidgin-English which they commonly refer to as Coloqwa (KOH-loh-kwah).

Kids Are Kids The World Over All Kids Love Playing Africa Hand Clapping Games, here are three popular hand clapping games in Liberia, Africa.  

Hand Clapping Game #1 

Title: Unknown

Performed by: Rannecia and Promise

Hand Clapping Game #2 

Title: Oh Mama

Performed by: Felicia, Victoria, Promise,  Jackerline, Temoh and Princess

(We are going "cera", in "cera", in "cera" - used to establish the rhythm)

Oh Mama, Mama!

Oh Papa, the war!

The war has make in the Burkina Faso.

I say East, the West.

I met my boyfriend in the ice cream shop.

He bought me ice cream on my wedding day.

Mama, Mama. I'm so sick.

Take me to the doctor, shall be quick quick quick.

Shall be quick quick quick.

Doctor, doctor. Will I die?

No my dear, you will live forever more.

Forever more!

Hand Clapping Game #3 

Title: Meter Competition

Performed by: Princess and Temoh

(Osa, osa, osa, osa - establish the rhythm)

I, I, I, I promise.

Please show me.


For example.

1 meter... 2 meter... 3 meter (and so on until one partner makes a mistake).

Did you know? Kids are kids the world over and all kids love playing games.

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