Fear of Emotional Intimacy African Proverbs

15 Fear of Emotional Intimacy African Proverbs.

Fear of emotional intimacy African proverbs teach if the inner self is neglected the outer self creates chaos where emotional intimacy is feared.

Fear of Falling in Love African Proverb
Fear of sharing a close emotional intimacy.

Emotional intimacy makes us feel vulnerable and developing emotional intimacy and maintaining intimacy is uncharted territory creating great emotional distress, the exact opposite of what we truly want in our lives, to be loved deeply from the inside out.

The fear of sharing a close emotional intimacy because of childhood or adulthood trauma, a painful breakup, divorce, death, abandonment or rejection may makes us afraid to fall in love, afraid of emotional intimacy.

This fear is so intense that we find it difficult, sometimes impossible, to form and maintain loving relationships.

15 Fear of sharing a close emotional intimacy African Proverbs

A fall does not hurt those who fly low.

No flies get into a shut mouth.

Whatever the tree, so is the fruit.

Like the tusk and teeth of an elephant, one set for show and another for use.

Those nearest the fire are soonest burned.

A zebra takes its stripes wherever it goes.

Who stands still in mud sinks in it.

Do not build a house that is tilted on one side.

Do not kill yourself with your own sphere.

One mangy sheep spoils the whole flock.

The good-looking fruit could be rotten inside.

When the rain stops, the garden becomes dry.

Don't trust the key of the hen house to the cat.

A single scrap of spoiled meat taints the whole meal.

Fear made the rabbit die in its den.

Emotional Intimacy African Proverb

Fear of Sharing Close Emotional Intimacy African sayings and proverbs provide knowledge and understanding during challenging circumstances as most of life lessons are learned through painful experiences. Fear holds back, love pushes forward.

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