Living in the Dark African Folklore Story

Living in the Dark African Folklore Story

The African short story folktale living in darkness teaches us what great deeds small creatures can do.

Living in the Dark African Folklore Story.

As the elders say, a long time ago the sun did not shine, so it was always night.

In the forest, there stood a tree that far exceeded in height any other; and so it was that so long as this tree stood there could be no day.

Therefore, all the beasts of the forest conspired to pull it down. The elephant, confident in his strength, first tried; but tried in vain.

After him, the lion, leopard, and many other animals worked hard, but none could pull it down or root it up.

At last, when all the others had despaired, the hedgehog, came forward and told them that he was stronger than they all were, and would soon prove it by felling the tree.

Therefore, off he ran, but soon returned with a small but sharp ax, with which he cut away until the tree fell, and as it fell, the sun was seen for the first time.

Living in the Dark African Folklore Story
Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.

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