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Shoplifting Dog Tall Tale African Folklore

Shoplifting Dog Never Learns From His Mistakes African Folklore

Tall Tale Folklore of Dog and Goat who are convicted of crimes and are given punishments but do not learn their lessons and offend again and again.

Shoplifting Dog Tall Tale African Folklore

Shoplifting Dog Never Learns From His Mistakes African Tall Tale Folklore

Dog and Goat are travelling together. Whenever they come to a town, they slip in and steal some food to eat. Goat loves to steal and eat cassava; Dog, loves to steal and eat any type of meat.

On finding them, the people of the town beat them with big clubs, and drive them out of town for stealing. Goat never opens his mouth, but Dog always howls loudly.

Finally, Goat loses patience with Dog, and asks, "Why do you howl every time you are beaten?"

Dog answers, "Because it hurts me!"

Goat says, "The beatings mean nothing and do not hurt me! I intend to steal again!” But, if the beatings hurt you, why don't you stop stealing!"

Folklore storytelling is the most ancient art form of the African Community.

Time and effort must be given to becoming an African folklore storyteller, just as any artist must give time and effort to developing their skill.

African folklore is as old as Africa herself with a deep appreciation for antiquity expressed in artistic form.

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