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Egyptian Aseer Asab Sugarcane Juice Drink Recipe

Drinking Raw Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane Juice
Aseer asab is a sweet Egyptian drink made by pressing peeled sugarcane stalks into a sugarcane press.


Drinking Raw Sugarcane Juice Interesting Sugarcane Facts and An Easy Sugarcane Drink Recipe

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Sweet Egyptian sugarcane drink.

Facts About SugarCane

Sugarcane is cultivated in Upper Egypt in spring and autumn each year.
Sugarcane is much sweeter than processed sugar.
Native to the warm temperate to tropical regions sugarcane is a natural sweet treat.
Sugarcane is cultivated for its natural sweet juice; there are many uses of sugar cane including the production of table and brown sugar, molasses, rum and soda.

Aseer asab is a sweet Egyptian sugarcane drink made by pressing peeled sugar cane stalks into a sugarcane press. If you don’t have a sugarcane press use sugarcane syrup. By , March 1, 2009
  Injera Bread 
Sugarcane is much sweeter than processed sugar.  

Egyptian Summer Aseer Asab Sugarcane Juicer

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In Egypt, sugarcane “aseer asab” juice is a popular drink in Egypt.

2 tablespoons Sugar cane syrup 
2 cups Unsweetened fruit juice 
1 squeeze Lemon 
2 ounces distilled beverage or taste 

1. Add all ingredients into a large jar and mix well. 
2. Add ice and serve. Sugar cane syrup is a thick syrup, use in place of simple syrup as a sweetener in cocktails.

Did you know?
Rum is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane byproducts.

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