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Three African megacities with more than 14 million people

Largest urban cities in Africa by population are megacities, three megacities with more than 14 million residents are Lagos, Kinshasa and Cairo.

Africa three megacities

Raw data about African population numbers of major urban areas and megacity population numbers.

Africa has three mega-cities; 20.9 million in Cairo Egypt, Nigeria city of Lagos has 14.3 million people and Democratic Republic of the Congo city of Kinshasa has 14.3 million people as well. The South African city of Johannesburg has a population of 9.6 million and Angola city of Luanda has 8.3 million people; a mega-city typically has a population of more than 10 million people. Here is a list of the top five most populated metropolitan areas in Africa.

1. Cairo Egypt has 20.9 million people.
2. Democratic Republic of the Congo city of Kinshasa has 14.3 million people.
3. Nigeria city of Lagos has 14.3 million people.
4. South African city of Johannesburg population of 9.6 million people.
5. Angola city of Luanda has 8.3 million people
6. Tanzania city of Dar Es Salaam of 6.7 million people.

Cario, Lagos and Kinshasa are the most populous cities on the African continent.

Nigeria city of Lagos

Alphabetical list of population numbers in all megacities and major urban areas in Africa.

African Country. Major Urban Areas Population Numbers.
Algeria 2.7 million Algiers Capital, 899,000 Oran
Angola 8.3 million Luanda Capital, 828,000 Lubango, 778,000 Cabinda
Benin 285,000 Porto-Novo Capital City; 1 million Abomey-Calavi, 692,000 Cotonou Seat of Government
Botswana 269,000 Gaborone Capital City
Burkina Faso 2.7 million Ouagadougou Capital, 972,000 Bobo-Dioulasso
Burundi 1 million Bujumbura Capital City
Cabo Verde 168,000 Praia Capital City
Cameroon 3.9 million Yaounde Capital, 3.6 million Douala
Central African Republic 889,000 Bangui Capital City
Chad 1.4 million N'djamena Capital City
Democratic Republic of the Congo 14.3 million Kinshasa Capital megacity, 2.5 million Mbuji-Mayi, 2.4 million Lubumbashi, 1.4 million Kananga, 1.2 million Kisangani, 1 million Bukavu
Republic of the Congo 2.3 million Brazzaville Capital, 1.2 million Pointe-Noire
Cote d'Ivoire 231,000 Yamoussoukro Capital City, 5.2 million Abidjan Seat of Government
Djibouti 576,000 Djibouti Capital City
Egypt 20.9 million Cairo Capital, 5.281 million Alexandria
Equatorial Guinea 297,000 Malabo Capital City
Eritrea 963,000 Asmara Capital City
Eswatini 68,000 Mbabane Capital City
Ethiopia 4.7 million Addis Ababa Capital City
Gabon 834,000 Libreville Capital City
The Gambia 451,000 Banjul Capital City
Ghana 3.3 million Kumasi, 2.5 million Accra Capital, 946,000 Sekondi Takoradi
Guinea 1.9 million Conakry Capital City
Guinea-Bissau 600,000 Bissau Capital City
Kenya 4.7 million Nairobi Capital, 1.2 million Mombassa
Lesotho 202,000 Maseru Capital City
Liberia 1.5 million Monrovia Capital City
Libya 1.1 million Tripoli Capital, 881,000 Misratah, 824,000 Benghazi
Madagascar 3.3 million Antananarivo Capital City
Malawi 1.1 million Lilongwe Capital, 932,000 Blantyre-Limbe
Mali 2.6 million Bamako Capital City
Mauritania 1.3 million Nouakchott Capital City
Mauritius 149,000 Port Louis Capital City
Morocco 3.7 million Casablanca, 1.8 million Rabat Capital, 1.2 million Fes, 1.1 million Tangier, 1 million Marrakech, 924,000 Agadir
Mozambique 1.7 million Matola, 1.11 million Maputo Capital, 848,000 Nampula
Namibia 431,000 Windhoek Capital City
Niger 1.2 million Niamey Capital City
Nigeria 14.3 million Lagos megacity, 3.9 million Kano, 3.5 million Ibadan, 3.2 million Abuja Capital, 3 million Port Harcourt, 1.7 million Benin City
Rwanda 1.1 million Kigali Capital City
Sao Tome and Principe 80,000 Sao Tome Capital City
Senegal 3.1 million Dakar Capital City
Seychelles 28,000 Victoria Capital City
Sierra Leone 1.2 million Freetown Capital City
Somalia 2.2 million Mogadishu Capital, 989,000 Hargeysa
South Africa 9.6 million Johannesburg Includes Ekurhuleni, 4.6 million Cape Town Legislative Capital, 3.1 million Durban, 2.5 million Pretoria Administrative Capital, 1.2 million Port Elizabeth, 898,000 West Rand
South Sudan 403,000 Juba Capital City
Sudan 5.8 million Khartoum Capital, 923,000 Nyala
Tanzania 262,000 Dodoma Legislative Capital , 6.7 million Dar Es Salaam Administrative Capital, 1.1 million Mwanza
Togo 1.8 million Lome Capital City
Tunisia 2.3 million Tunis Capital City
Uganda 3.2 million Kampala Capital City
Zambia 2.7 million Lusaka Capital City
Zimbabwe 1.5 million Harare Capital City

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the largest city on the African continent and has stood for more than 1,000 years on the same site on the banks of the Nile. Tucked away amid the modern urban area of Cairo lies one of the world's oldest Islamic cities. Cairo’s six Zabaleen, Arabic for garbage people communities survive through collecting trash and recycling live on the outskirts of Cairo.

Lagos is the capital city of Nigeria with more than 250 eithic tribes. Lagos Nigeria Ministry of Justice on three separate occasions, set fire to and demolished the ancestral fishing village of Otodo Gbame. Otodo Gbame quatters claim rights over the spaces they have squatted by virtue of occupation and ancestral rights, rather than paper legal ownership. Officials of the Lagos Task Force made up of Lagos State agencies, forcibly evicted Otodo Gbame squatters on November 9 and 10, 2016, where more than 30,000 residents were forcibly evicted. The task force used fire and bulldozers to demolish the houses on the waterfront slum on the Lagos lagoon.

Kinshasa is the largest city and capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the cradle of Congolese rumba, a popular genre of dance music shaped by many international influences.

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