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African Proverb

African Proverb
Distance diminishes the elephant

Percentage of White people living in Africa

Largest white populace in Africa.

The African country with the largest white population of European descent is South Africa with 7.8% of the total population of 56.5 million people, the second is Botswana with 7% of the total population of 2.3 million, third is Namibia with 6% of the total population of 2.6 million.

Smallest white populace in Africa.

There are seven African countries tied for the smallest number of whites living in Africa and they all begin with the letter S and Z, they are South Sudan, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Seychelles, Sao Tome and Principe, Zambia and Zimbabwe with .01% of the total population in each African country.

Minorities in Africa.

Minorities in Africa.

Race and ethnicity in Africa is complex because of the colonization of all 54 African countries except Ethiopia by white Europeans of the United Kingdom, Germany, Romans, Danish, the French, the Dutch, China and many others. The listing of white inhabitants on Africa’s mainland and Islands uses data from 2020 World Fact Book. White minority residents in Africa are a culturally, ethnically, and racially distinct group of people, our chart shows the percentage of white population of European descent.

White people constitute a small minority of the total population on the African continent with the three whitest African countries being South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.

Table of the percentage of Africa that is white.

African Countries. Percent of white population.
Algeria Less than 1%
Angola 2%
Benin Less than 1%
Botswana 7%
Burkina Faso Less than 1%
Burundi Less than 1%
Cabo Verde 1%
Cameroon Less than 1%
Central African Republic Less than 1%
Chad Less than 1%
The Democratic Republic of the Congo Less than .5%
The Republic of the Congo Less than .5%
Cote d'Ivoire Less than 1%
Djibouti Less than 1%
Egypt Less than 1%
Equatorial Guinea 1.40%
Eritrea Less than 1%
eSwatini 3%
Ethiopia Less than 1%
Gabon Less than 1%
The Gambia Less than 1%
Ghana Less than 1%
Guinea Less than 1%
Guinea-Bissau Less than 1%
Kenya Less than 1%
Lesotho Less than 1%
Liberia Less than 1%
Libya Less than 1%
Madagascar Less than .3%
Malawi Less than 1%
Mali Less than 1%
Mauritania Less than 1%
Mauritius No ethnicity national census since 1972
Morocco Less than 1%
Mozambique Less than .5%
Namibia 6%
Niger Less than .3%
Nigeria Less than 1%
Rwanda Less than .2%
Sao Tome and Principe Less than .1%
Senegal 1%
Seychelles Less than .01%
Sierra Leone Less than .01%
Somalia Less than .3%
South Africa 7.80%
South Sudan Less than .01%
Sudan Less than .01%
Tanzania Less than .3%
Togo Less than .2%
Tunisia 1%
Uganda Less than .2%
Zambia Less than .01%
Zimbabwe Less than .02%

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