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Good Communication African Proverbs

It is no secret that people who maintain good relationships are also good communicators. Good communication is an essential skill in community relationships, but it takes practice. Communication does not work when two people speak at the same time ~ African Proverb. A hand, which gives also, receives in return - with love from your ancestors. Wisdom can be gotten from anyone, it is shared not a monopoly of one person - with love from your ancestors. Words are responsible for cutting down a big tree; the ax is only an instrument - with love from your ancestors. More African Proverbs from the motherland. Your Attitude African Proverbs What is an African Proverb Do not invite evil to sit at your table then cry Mean Coworkers African Proverbs Having Faith African Proverbs

Easy Sweet Fig Baklava Recipe

Sweet fig baklava is phyllo dough stacked with figs, honey, and nuts to make a sweet traditional North African dessert.    Learn how to make this easy sweet fig baklava recipe. The rich and captivating history of cooking with figs in North Africa adds a unique touch to the traditional African dessert, sweet fig baklava. Figs have been a cherished ingredient in North African cuisine for centuries, with their cultivation dating back to ancient times. The fig tree holds great cultural significance in the region, and its fruits have been prized for their sweet and luscious flavor. The use of figs in culinary creations, such as baklava, showcases the deep-rooted connection between North African culture and the bountiful offerings of nature. Sweet fig baklava is a delightful dessert that combines layers of delicate phyllo dough with the natural sweetness of figs, the richness of honey, and the crunch of nuts. The recipe for this traditional African treat is surprisingly simple, allowing you

African Tall Tale Folklore Why Cats Hate Rats

African Tall Tale Folklore Why Cats Hate Rats Cats are famous for killing rats but why? The African folklore Why Cats Hate Rate explains the reason cats and rats have an unspoken oath of being sworn enemies. African Tall Tale Folklore Why Cats Hate Rats Ansa was King of Calabar for fifty years. He had a very faithful cat as a housekeeper, and a rat was his houseboy. The king was an obstinate, headstrong man, but was very fond of the cat, which had been in his store for many years. The rat, which was very poor, fell in love with one of the king's servant girls, but was unable to give her any presents, as he had no money. At last, he thought of the king's store, so in the nighttime, being quite small, he had little difficulty, having made a hole in the roof, in getting into the store. He then stole corn and pears, and presented them to his sweetheart. At the end of the month, when the cat had to render her account of the things in the store to the king, i