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Palindrome city names on the continent of Africa

A palindrome is a name that can be spelled either from left to right or right to left identically. In other words, palindromes are words, which read the same backward. Mom and Dad are two simple palindromes.

In Africa, Nigeria has the most places on the African continent with seven cities whose names are palindromes.

Madagascar holds the record for the longest city with a palindromic name, Anahanahana, Madagascar.

Madagascar holds the record for the longest city with a palindromic name, Anahanahana, Madagascar.

There are 20 palindrome city names on the continent of Africa located in 13 African countries of Angola, Burkina Faso, Chad, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, and Zimbabwe.

City names on the continent of Africa that reads the same backward as forward.


City of Iai

Burkina Faso

City of Ibi


City of Madaradam


City of Anahanahana


City of Lellel


City of Akka


City of Tassessat

Nigeria Cities of:









City of Matam

Sierra Leone

City of Dibid

Somalia Cities of:

Daba Qabad



City of Illibilli


City of Madoko Dam

Did you know

IDI is the first name of a notorious Ugandan dictator whose first name is a palindrome.

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