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Friday, July 8, 2016

Meaning of African Proverb

Meaning of African Proverb

Meaning of African Proverb

Think you are not easily influenced by the media; well think again.

Stop listening to the media and see the truth. Be the tie that binds and not the arm that is bound. The trouble is not that we have prejudice thoughts but we believe our prejudice thoughts.

Many people do not get to know a group of people for themselves because they are afraid they already know the person in one glance. Most likely, they believe what the media tells them to believe. Most people back away when they get that nervous, edgy uncomfortable feeling when having eye-to-eye contact with a person of another race.

However, that feeling signals you are doing something that matters. Embrace the feeling and lean into the discomfort. Seek guidance to understand what the feeling is telling you. 

Train yourself to believe in your natural feelings and not give into fear and mistrust. The meaning of the African proverb "The strong arm is not bigger than the tie" is do not try to be what you cannot be, hateful and indifferent, be yourself, a loving human being instead. Stop listening to the media and see the truth about Africa.

Abo mekpe na wu ata o in the Ewe language means  "The strong arm is not bigger than the tie" - Ewe African Proverb

Did you know?

The Ewe speaking peoples are found mostly in South Eastern Ghana, Southern Togo and Benin and in South Western corner of Nigeria around Badagri. Ewe is recognized as a national language in Ghana, where English is the official language, and in Togo, where French is the official language.

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