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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Africa’s Bruce Lee

Kung Fu

The Black Eagle

Former African Prince Dominique Saatenang is Africa’s Bruce Lee who learned Kung Fu at China’s famous Shaolin Temple. The Chinese call Saatenang, DMS “The Black Eagle”.

Africa's answer to Bruce Lee, Dominique Saatenang

Dominique Saatenang, a Cameroonian tribal king's son swapped his royal robe for that of a Chinese Kung Fu fighter determined to master Kung Fu after watching Bruce Lee's “Enter the Dragon. “ His mission, he says, is to train international "ambassadors of Kung Fu ".

Former African Prince Dominique Saatenang is Africa’s Bruce Lee
Former African Prince Dominique
Saatenang ( in yellow) is Africa’s Bruce Lee
Saatenang soon after met a Chinese doctor living in Cameroon, who also knew Kung Fu. They co-founded a martial arts association in Gabon.  Saatenang began traveling throughout the country to organize Kung Fu performances and training courses.

Saatenang is cooperating with the governments of five African countries to send two university students from each country to study at Shaolin Temple free for five years. 

Shaolin temple official Kung Fu school Northern Shaolin Wushu is probably the best known of all Chinese Wushu styles, made famous all over the world by the many legends of the monks of Shaolin Temple. Shaolin Temple is the official Monk performance training school at Shaolin Temple in Zhengzhou, capital of central China’s Henan Province.

Monks from Africa attend a Buddhist ceremony held at Shaolin Temple in Zhengzhou
Monks from Africa attend a Buddhist ceremony
held at Shaolin Temple in Zhengzhou
There is more than one temple on Songshan and not far from Shaolin stands the second oldest Buddhist Temple in China, the Da Fa Wang Temple. It is actually five hundred years older than Shaolin and unlike its more famous neighbor; fighting Monks are still allowed to be trained there. The thousands of martial arts styles that collectively make up Chinese Wushu, or Kung Fu, are part of World Cultural Heritage.

Kung Fu

Three facts about Africa's answer to Bruce Lee, Dominique Saatenang

Dominique Saatenang, born in Dschang , Cameroon Africa on January 14, 1975

Dominique Saatenang is the first African to have been trained at Shaolin Temple where he was consecrated monk under the name of Shi Yan Mai. He is, since 2011, the Cultural Ambassador of Shaolin Temple.

Dominique Saatenang regularly performs on stage during shows, accompanied by the monks of Shaolin, in France and abroad. In 2012, after participating in the Élysée Christmas Tree where he staged his Sino-African journey, he had the idea to create the "Shaolin Black and White" troupe, which included the monks of Shaolin and several Artists: martial artists, circus dancers, and singers.

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