Find your true life work in Africa.

Find your true life work in Africa. Africa is home to more unknown history than known. A map of Africa does not begin to show the vastness of people, culture, food, living and ancient history of the African continent. Established 2008 Chic African Culture is a learning tool to meet the demand for better education about the entire continent of Africa.


Find your true life work in Africa.

A lion that is caged will hate the one that is free. - with love from your ancestors

Monday, January 8, 2018

Wise Words Your Ancestors Want You to Know Today

Listen - Envision - Receive

Wise Words Your Ancestors Want You to Know Today

Ebola survivors

Hearing your Ancestors voices means not listening to the noise of the world, their words are a distinctive tool of communication to you. Wise words your ancestors want you to know today can only be heard with an open heart and a tuned in attentive mind.


What seems easy at first is sometimes difficult to accomplish.


Whoever isolates himself from the community selfishly enjoys his meals but suffers in case of a problem.

Self Love

Despite his blackness the chimpanzee does not loathe his youth.


There is no such thing as a worthless trade.


When a clever person gets lost, it is another clever person who brings him


Do not do harm to somebody for fear of suffering the worst one day.

Company You Keep

Two hyenas meet either to steal bananas or steal maize.

Count Your Blessings

Never despair in life but continuously exercise patience.


The most dangerous enemy of a person is the one he lives with.


Those who do not agree cannot cook from the same pot.

Those who are far from the place where a drum is being played are the ones who catch its harmonious echo.
Those who are far from the place where a drum is being played are the ones who catch its harmonious echo.

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Find your true life work in Africa.

A wise person does not fall down on the same hill twice.